SEO Pros Talk Social, Content Marketing, and the Future of SEO


Search engines are always trying to better understand a user’s intent - what are searchers really looking for when they type in their query? Until Google develops telepathy, they’ll continue tweaking their algorithm to improve query relevancy and the search experience.

That said, in order to correctly implement an SEO strategy, you must know the latest information by being attentive to the search engines’ every move and follow the industry thought leaders. We created the following SEO Ebook, with assists from some of the industry’s most-influential players, to help you understand the burning questions that many CEOs are trying to answer today.

SEO Experts Reveal the Truth About Marketing

Recently, the industry has been impacted by social media – but the burning question “How do social signals affect Google’s search listings?” is still unanswered. What we do know is that social’s impact on SEO is growing.

Read the thoughtful perspectives and recommendations of SEO masters Rand Fishkin (CEO of Moz), Jim Yu (CEO of Brightedge), Duane Forrester (Director of Search at Bing), Adam Audette (Chief Knowledge Officer at RKG) and five other CEOs about the relationship between social and search.

Even more recently, “Content Marketing” has been on fire. Content has always been the foundation of good SEO, but how does Content Marketing change the SEO game? We’ve put this same question to all 9 SEO Experts including Marshall Simmonds (Former Chief Search Strategist for The New York Times), Debra Mastaler (CEO of Link-Alliance), Chris Bennett (CEO of 97th Floor), Wil Reynolds (CEO of Seer Interactive), and Will Critchlow (Founder of Distilled).

To read more about what these nine CEOs think about the future of SEO; what ranking factors and signals that businesses should pay attention to. Download our free Ebook.


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