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Loyalty Management, Referral Marketing and Promotions

Customer Loyalty Solutions

Foster relationships and create loyalty with AI predictive capabilities built directly into your CRM with loyalty management software.

What can you do with a Customer Loyalty platform?

Earn continuous customer loyalty with personalized rewards, powered by behavioral data.

Drive performance and profitability with AI powered Loyalty Management

Configure your loyalty programs to fit your needs. Activate segments across channels fast with industry templates and integrate them with external systems. Run multiple programs at once within one platform for different brands and initiatives — and for both B2B and B2C programs. Test, learn, and iterate as you see what works and what doesn’t.

Image of a liability impact dashboard.

Use customer behavior to optimize immersive experiences across web and mobile. Tailor experiences to be relevant to all your individual users. Easily analyze members at risk for disengagement and launch campaigns to reengage them.

Image of a member engagement dashbaord.

Provide customers with more options to earn, redeem, and engage with cross-industry partners. Manage partnerships on one platform to increase participation and reduce liability. Seamlessly onboard partners, launch joint promotions, and manage currencies between partners and your programs.

Two overlapping dashboards for "loyalty program partners" and "redemption by category."
Image of a liability impact dashboard.
Image of a member engagement dashbaord.
Two overlapping dashboards for "loyalty program partners" and "redemption by category."

Leverage the power of influence, turning brand advocates into sales with Referral Marketing

Quickly launch referral promotions through a guided setup wizard to configure and define all aspects of your program. Tailor emails and cross-channel widgets based on brand guidelines and program goals. Integrate promotions into Marketing Cloud automatically to create journeys and activations. Extend to commerce, sales, service — with native integrations across the full customer journey.

Leverage customer data from across your organization to identify high-value audience segments. Develop strategies to harness the advocacy of loyal customers to improve referral participation, conversions, and customer satisfaction — turning your best customers into your strongest advocates.

A referrals dashboard and a mobile device with a form to join a rewards program

Manage program impact with prebuilt predictive dashboards. Use AI to hone targeting parameters with the 'Likely to Refer' Dashboards. Prioritize investments based on performance — reviewing top promotions, advocates, and channels, all while being able to adjust your strategy.

A conversions pipeline dashboard with performance trends and recommended actions
A referrals dashboard and a mobile device with a form to join a rewards program
A conversions pipeline dashboard with performance trends and recommended actions

Create consistent member engagement with connected promotions

Reward members with engagements appealing to both rational and emotional drivers. Personalize promotions based on member data. Provide members with benefits, offers, vouchers, experiences — and gamify the experience with badges based on their behaviors and interests.

Image of a member snapshot dashboard.

Use predictive performance insights with prebuilt dashboards to forecast rises in promotional revenue before launch, and choose the right segments, rewards, and channels to maximize ROI. Deliver time-based promotions for exclusive events and experiences — visualizing it all with the promotion calendar.

Image of a member profile with a notification for a personalized ad.

Connect loyalty across your customer experience with a single customer view. Provide every department with access to loyalty information to enhance interactions — from purchases to customer service to sales, as well as in-person experiences. Trigger marketing journeys as customers hit new tiers. Use customer insights to provide a white-glove service experience or generate sales promotions based on customer loyalty.

Image of a customer interaction timeline with a squirrel sitting beside it.
Image of a member snapshot dashboard.
Image of a member profile with a notification for a personalized ad.
Image of a customer interaction timeline with a squirrel sitting beside it.

Get the most out of your loyalty management software with thousands of partner apps and experts.

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Loyalty Management FAQ

It's a software application that manages the design, definition, configuration, execution, and analysis of omni-channel loyalty programs. Loyalty management software helps marketers and brands effectively manage their loyalty programs, which are built to create a long-term relationship between a brand and a customer. Customers share personal information in exchange for membership rewards and benefits. This helps drive customer lifetime value, retention, and overall brand satisfaction.

No. Loyalty managment software is different than CRM software. However, Loyalty Management is built directly into the Salesforce Platform, so you can seamlessly tie your B2B and B2C loyalty programs back to your CRM to create a single view of each member. This allows you to connect loyalty to the wider customer experience, delivering consistency for customers at every touchpoint.

Loyalty programs are designed to increase purchase frequency, brand affinity, basket size, while elevating the overall customer experience. Using a loyalty management platform, brands will be able to design personalized programs based on customer preferences at scale, and maximize program effectiveness with predictive insights and analytics that improve performance to drive overall customer lifetime value.

Choose the loyalty management solution that best meets your business's needs, aligns with your goals, and empowers you to execute effective and successful loyalty programs across multiple channels. Key considerations include native connectivity to your data as well as marketing, commerce, and service experiences, channel breadth, flexibility to manage simple and complex programs, native measuremen tools, embedded AI, customer support and training resources, reputation (e.g., analyst reports and product reviews) as well as dependability and scalability.

Businesses will be able to create dynamic, personalized loyalty experiences, rather than your run-of-the-mill “Buy 10, get one coffee free!” types of programs. They’ll be able to leverage customer data within Loyalty Management, as well as pull other data in, to create dynamic segments that enable them to deliver experiential rewards that are relevant for their customers.