Salesforce technology transforms companies. Our certifications transform careers. Organisations that use Salesforce-certified professionals see increases in adoption and usage, while also enjoying smoother deployments. Credentials are the best way to demonstrate the impact you make every day, while giving yourself a competitive edge that leads to new opportunities. No matter your role, Salesforce University has a path to certification for you.

Manage, configure, and extend the capabilities of the Salesforce platform by leveraging your expertise in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud.

Design, build, and implement custom applications using the declarative customisation capabilities of the platform. 
Customise Salesforce by designing data models, user interfaces, business logic, and building custom applications using Apex and Visualforce. 
Design and implement scalable and maintainable Salesforce solutions that meet key business requirements and maximise user productivity.

Plan, drive, and execute effective email and social campaigns using the powerful capabilities built into Marketing Cloud.

Build strategic, data-driven marketing processes with Pardot, using tools like lead scoring, email marketing, and lead generation.

The credential path for architects now comprises three tiers of certification designed to recognise and promote your architecture skills and specialisations: Salesforce Certified Architecture Designers, Salesforce Certified Domain Architects, and Salesforce Certified Technical Architects.
Our exams recognise study, as well as real-world experience. We recommend taking our training classes in preparation for certification, and we offer study guides with sample questions to  help you get exam-ready.

Find your path to certification. This reference guide shows you every credential we offer, the skills and knowledge you’ll need, and what steps to take to pass your exam.