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We’re excited to announce a new partnership between Salesforce and the National Association of Manufacturers’ Leading Edge. Salesforce is the #1 CRM solution for businesses of any size, while Leading Edge brings together manufacturing executives to discuss the emerging issues and trends that impact the industry. Together we’ll bring you tools, resources, and thought leadership to build efficiency, growth, and full-on manufacturing success.

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Manufacturing company, Hemco doubled their sales in 2 years by rethinking their marketing & sales process. Read Hemco's story and get started on your own path to growth.
Manufacturers: Read how Oil City Iron Works grew their revenue by 50% by taking a close look at their customer's behavior.

One of the challenges of manufacturing is you build it, ship it, and never hear from it again. We were able to build a better customer experience loop and continue to strengthen that feedback loop with better tools.”

Kyle Seaman, Director of Farm Technology at Freight Farms

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