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Salesforce Characters

Our characters embody the fun side of Salesforce. They reflect our values and who we are as a company, and celebrate the best of what we do. They’re here to offer guidance and support, and inspire all of our stakeholders to be their best.

We make these images of our mascots freely available for your use in any media, whether in print, over the air, or on the Internet for your purposes of reporting news about our business or us, reviewing our products and expressing your opinions about us and our products. We provide them for your use for these purposes in addition to any rights you may have due fair use, freedom of speech or other protections provided for under applicable law.

We hope that your uses of these images will be respectful even when you are criticizing us as we view our mascots as important symbols of our company and our values. We understand, however, that our best way to ensure that these uses will be respectful is to live up to our values and your expectations of us.

Any other commercial use such as to show an affiliation between Salesforce and you or your business or to advertise your products or services are subject to our branding guidelines. For more information, go to

  • Last updated 1/13/2023
  • Created on 8/31/2020
  • PNG · 11 MB · 2048 X 3283

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