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Salesforce Platform Introduces New Salesforce Identity and Salesforce Touch Platform Services, Igniting a New Era of Social and Mobile Enterprise Apps

The Salesforce Platform, the leading enterprise cloud platform with more than 2.5 million apps, will now have nine major services -, Heroku,

The Salesforce Platform, the leading enterprise cloud platform with more than 2.5 million apps, will now have nine major services –, Heroku,,, Chatter, Chatter Communities, AppExchange, Salesforce Identity and Salesforce Touch Platform

New Salesforce Identity will deliver “Facebook-like identity for the enterprise” – a single, social, trusted identity in the cloud across all enterprise apps

New Salesforce Touch Platform allows companies to write once, deploy anywhere – turning every developer into a mobile developer

Major innovations across all Salesforce Platform services give enterprises a new level of speed, touch and trust in delivering innovation to the business

SAN FRANCISCO – DREAMFORCE 2012 – Sept. 19, 2012 – [NYSE: CRM], the enterprise cloud computing company, today introduced major new cloud services for the Salesforce Platform, the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform. The new Salesforce Identity will deliver “Facebook-like identity for the enterprise,” a single, social, trusted identity service to access and centrally manage every cloud app within Salesforce. The new Salesforce Touch Platform allows mobile apps to be written once and deployed anywhere, using the same Salesforce cloud platform services developers love using today. The Salesforce Platform will now have nine major enterprise cloud platform services, enabling companies to accelerate innovation and ignite a new era of social and mobile apps with unparalleled levels of speed, touch and trust.

Supporting Quotes
• “The Salesforce Platform has always been the enterprise cloud platform that delivers the fastest path from idea to application," said George Hu, chief operating officer, “Our two new breakthrough services, Salesforce Identity and Salesforce Touch Platform, extend this success to the next generation of social and mobile enterprise apps.”
• “No one understands the power of social and mobile networks like Avon and the Salesforce Platform enables our sales leaders to connect with representatives and deliver the highest level of support,” said Donagh Herlihy, chief information officer, Avon. “The Salesforce Platform allows Avon and our representatives to collaborate in new ways, have greater visibility into our campaigns and ultimately grow our business.”
• “By delivering identity services that are woven into business apps, customers no longer have to manage identity in isolation and users are free from creating unique log-ins for the growing list of business apps they use,” said Ian Glazer, research vice president, Gartner. “Companies can now deliver a single identity within the context of every business app – a big win for both business users and IT administrators.”

Introducing Salesforce Identity – “Facebook-like Identity for the Enterprise”
The explosion of enterprise apps has made managing access and identity difficult. Users are frustrated with juggling multiple log-ins, and enterprise IT is frustrated with managing secure access across all of these apps. To accelerate app adoption, users need a simple social identity solution, similar to the one consumers enjoy on social networks such as Facebook, and enterprises need a trusted, standards-based way to manage access to all of these apps.

New Salesforce Identity will deliver a single, social, trusted identity service across all enterprise apps, delivered with the simplicity, transparency and trust of the Salesforce Platform.

• Single Sign-On: The Salesforce Identity will be pre-integrated across apps, so users can seamlessly access all of their apps with a single log-in.

• Social Identity: With Salesforce Identity, Salesforce Chatter will allow apps across multiple platforms to push important information to the user in one feed, allowing these apps to interact with the enterprise social graph.

• Centralized identity and access management: Administrators will be able to centrally manage apps and users through automated, highly flexible provisioning and de-provisioning workflows on the Salesforce Platform.

Introducing the Salesforce Touch Platform – Write Once, Deploy Anywhere
In the past year alone, Apple estimates that Fortune 500 adoption of iPhones and iPads has doubled and tripled, respectively. However, enterprise app development for mobile has been a slow and expensive process, requiring specialized developers and resulting in disconnected apps.

The new Salesforce Touch Platform allows for custom mobile apps to be written once and deployed anywhere, to any device, leveraging the same productive cloud platform services developers already use today – all with the comprehensive management and trust of the Salesforce Platform.

• Deploy anywhere: Salesforce Touch Platform supports native, HTML5 and hybrid app development, so developers can deploy to any device, including the iPad, iPhone and Android.

• Rich cloud services: Enterprise developers can use the social- and mobile-friendly APIs in the Salesforce Platform to connect their mobile apps to enterprise data and content with the enterprise social graph.

• Enterprise mobile container: Now any web developer can be a mobile developer using their existing development skills to build mobile apps. In addition, developers can also provide enterprise-grade features, including secure offline storage and OAuth 2.0 authentication, and easily access native device features, such as the camera, and corporate data with simple JavaScript code.

The World’s Leading Cloud Platform – Social, Mobile and Open
The social revolution has had a profound effect on how apps are developed. Consumers expect apps to be designed around user experience – accessible on any mobile device, connected to social graphs and sharing one unique social identity. Traditional enterprise platforms cannot deliver apps at this pace, or deliver the social, mobile and real-time experiences that users now demand. The Salesforce Platform makes innovation social and mobile, bringing enterprises the same services and frameworks that are driving the explosion of consumer apps.

In addition to Salesforce Identity and Salesforce Touch Platform, there are new innovations across the other Salesforce Platform services:

• New Canvas will allow any app, in any language, to run inside of the Salesforce user interface with unified identity, secure access to records, and collaboration via the Chatter social graph. Legacy apps, such as SAP, can be transformed into social front ends creating a seamless experience for users.

• Heroku: New Heroku Enterprise for Java provides a path for building and running Java apps in the cloud, in minutes rather than months. Heroku Enterprise for Java includes full Java stack, continuous delivery integration, multiple-environment runtime and native Java tools – all available as a service, and without the complexity and cost typically associated with Java development.

• Salesforce Chatter: Now any developer or ISV can use optimized RESTful Chatter APIs to embed Chatter into their apps and connect them to the enterprise social graph.

• Chatter Communities: New Chatter Communities, built into the core of the Salesforce Platform, will enable companies to build private social communities that connect customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways. Enterprises will be able to create fully customizable and branded communities, leveraging Chatter APIs to integrate business processes. And users will be able to access and seamlessly move between multiple communities with one identity.

• AppExchange: New AppExchange Checkout opens a new channel for developers by delivering turn-key billing on the world’s leading marketplace for social and mobile apps. Customers can now buy cloud apps with their credit card, and AppExchange Checkout handles all the details with one-time or automatic billing, renewals and expiration reminders.

• New native geo-location field enables developers to create locale-aware mobile apps on the world’s leading cloud database. In addition, new User Sharing capabilities can be used to build social data models based on individual or group profiles.

• New Site Networking capabilities will provide marketers with the ability to link sites and build them faster through sharing and reuse of assets, templates and content. In addition, business users can now easily translate site content into multiple languages with the studio.

Customer Success with the Salesforce Platform
Today, more than 100,000 customers – including innovators such as Avon, Kelly Services and Macy’s – have already built more than 2.5 million apps on the Salesforce Platform using the set of nine proven services. Dramatic growth in customer adoption over the past year – including a 66 percent increase in quarterly transactions, 60 percent growth in custom objects created and a 96 percent increase in lines of custom code – signals a surging demand for even more next generation social and mobile apps.

Pricing and Availability
• Salesforce Touch Platform is generally available now and included as part of The Mobile SDK and other mobile components are available on Github:
• Salesforce Identity is scheduled to be generally available in 2013. Pricing of Salesforce Identity will be announced at general availability.
• Canvas is currently a new feature in pilot in the Winter ’13 release.
• Heroku Enterprise for Java pricing starts at $1,000 per month per application, and is available starting today at
• RESTful Chatter APIs are currently generally available now as part of
• Chatter Communities is currently scheduled to be available in limited pilot in fall 2012, and currently scheduled to be generally available the second half of 2013. Pricing of Chatter Communities will be announced at general availability.
• AppExchange Checkout is a new feature of the AppExchange and is available now.
•’s native geo-location field and User Sharing capabilities are new features in pilot in the Winter ’13 release.
•’s Site Networking and Multi-lingual Sites capabilities are currently in pilot and available in the Winter ’13 release.

Additional Resources
• Read more about Salesforce Identity at:

About Dreamforce
Dreamforce 2012 is the world’s largest vendor technology conference, welcoming more than 90,000 registered attendees to experience the power of the social revolution. With more than 750 sessions and 350 cloud companies in the expo, attendees can participate in interactive sessions, hands-on training with cutting-edge technology, thousands of live demos and unparalleled networking. In addition, Dreamforce welcomes special guests Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric, Gen. Colin Powell, U.S.A.—ret., Tony Robbins, entrepreneur, author and peak performance strategist and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Dreamforce 2012 offers attendees everything they need to connect with customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways.

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