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Customer Engagement Redefines Social Intelligence in Salesforce Chatter, Empowering Customer Companies to Tap Into the Power of Their Interest Graph

New Chatter Topics and Expertise will enable users to discover insights, connect with experts and find related resources, all based on topics of interest further raises the bar for social CRM—unleashing the power of social intelligence to connect customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways

SAN FRANCISCO—April 4, 2013— [NYSE: CRM], the enterprise cloud computing company, today redefined social intelligence in Salesforce Chatter, empowering customer companies to tap into the power of their interest graph and connect with their customers, partners, employees and products in entirely new ways. With new Chatter Topics and Expertise, users will be able to discover insights, identify experts and find related resources, all based on topics of interest. Chatter, the leading enterprise social network, is built on the Salesforce Platform, delivering social intelligence in every Salesforce app.

Comments on the News
? “Serendipity is not a strategy for connecting employees with the right information and experts,” said Nasi Jazayeri, EVP of Salesforce Chatter, “Social intelligence in Chatter gives enterprises unmatched ability to unlock their internal knowledge base and deliver new levels of collaboration and productivity.”
? “Social intelligence in Chatter exposes ideas and content we didn’t know existed,” said Robert Lacis, Director of Sales Operations at Maxim Integrated. “Unlocking information and finding expertise in our company empowers users in just a few clicks—it is changing the dynamics of relationships between people, information and ideas. Chatter Topics is the missing link that is connecting people and ideas across information silos.”
? “As enterprise social software grows into enterprise social networks (ESNs), solution functionality like profiles, activity streams and blogs have quickly become assumed,” said Vanessa Thompson, research manager for IDC’s Enterprise Social Networks and Collaborative Technologies. “Social intelligence will only make ESN’s more pervasive by adding context to the funnel of data available and providing insight into past, current, and future actions.”

Empowering Customer Companies to Tap Into the Power of Their Interest Graph
Social networks are training people to communicate, connect and consume information in a new way. Consumers are building their social graph on Facebook based on their connections with people—friends, family, colleagues and groups. And consumers are building their interest graph on Twitter based on the collection of brands, experts and hashtags they follow.

Today, customer companies are asking for a new way to tap into their organization’s social graph and interest graph. The intersection of these graphs uniquely surfaces the influence, expertise and trends—within any organization or community—to connect people and information in valuable new ways.

Chatter is the global standard for enterprise social networks, driving new levels of innovation with more than 195,000 active social networks globally. With more than 200 million Chatter recommendations delivered to users each month, Salesforce is harnessing big data to drive social intelligence in the enterprise and raise the social IQ of every employee.

Social Intelligence in Salesforce Chatter—Unveiling Revolutionary Chatter Topics and Expertise
Building on the success of previous social intelligence innovations like Chatter Recommendations, Chatter Influence and Chatter Similar Files, new Chatter Topics and Expertise will enable users to discover insights, connect with experts and find related resources, all based on topics of interest.

Chatter Topics and Expertise will analyze and categorize structured and unstructured information within Salesforce. Through this process, Chatter Topics and Expertise will seamlessly connect related experts, files, groups and other information, all on a single topic page. These topic pages will be auto-curated through’s patent-pending algorithms, magnified by ongoing user engagement and validation of topic suggestions in the feed.

With new Chatter Topics and Expertise, users will be able to leverage both their social graph and their interest graph. For example, a new hire will be able to discover topic pages and groups to help her become productive within a few hours versus days or weeks. Additionally, any employee will be able to identify and connect with experts in real-time, whether it is a product expert who provides insight into a development roadmap, or an influencer who drives thought leadership. Now, every employee can contribute, discover and connect like never before.

Salesforce Chatter: Setting a New Standard for Social CRM
Chatter is built on the Salesforce Platform and is embedded in all Salesforce apps and any custom or partner apps built on the Salesforce Platform. With social intelligence in Chatter, will set a new standard for social CRM, revolutionizing the way companies sell, service and market:
? Sell: Salespeople will be able to instantly identify topics and experts critical to the deal they are working on—whether it is finding the latest competitive information as they walk into a customer meeting or connecting with a pricing expert to close a deal.
? Service: Customer service reps will be able to address customer issues more quickly—whether connecting customers with experts to deliver more in-depth solutions or anticipating a customer’s next question based on related resources on a topics page.
? Market: Marketers will be able to collaborate and execute on campaigns more effectively—whether it is reacting more quickly to new market insights by topic, or leveraging experts to inform new creative concepts.

Pricing & Availability
? Chatter Recommendations and Chatter Similar Files are currently available in Salesforce Chatter.
? Chatter Influence is currently available in Salesforce Chatter Plus.
? Chatter Topics is now available in pilot and is currently scheduled to be generally available the second half of 2013.
? Chatter Topics pricing is currently scheduled to be announced upon generally availability.

Additional Information
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