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Customer Engagement Introduces Salesforce1 Heroku Connect—The New Way to Build Connected Customer Apps

With new synchronization technology that connects Salesforce1 and Heroku, any company can now build the next generation of engaging customer apps Red

With new synchronization technology that connects Salesforce1 and Heroku, any company can now build the next generation of engaging customer apps

Red Robin, NEB, and Innis Brook select Salesforce1 Heroku Connect for new connected customer app initiatives

SAN FRANCISCO—May 13, 2014— (NYSE: CRM), the world’s #1 CRM platform, today announced Salesforce1 Heroku Connect, a new synchronization technology that integrates the capabilities of Salesforce1 and Heroku, providing a simple way for companies to connect customer data in Salesforce with next-generation customer apps. With Heroku Connect, companies now have turnkey access to the complete set of technologies needed to create the engaging, connected experiences today’s mobile, always-on consumers increasingly demand.

Comments on the News
? "Mobile apps like Lyft and Square have changed customer expectations around business interactions, and are transforming entire industries," said Adam Gross, VP of product for Heroku. “Every company now feels an urgency to create similarly compelling, connected applications for their customers. By integrating the business data and process strengths of Salesforce with Heroku’s capabilities for consumer Internet apps, Salesforce1 Heroku Connect provides a complete solution to this increasingly critical need."
? “Enterprises have begun to invest heavily in mobilizing their application portfolios,” said Al Hilwa, Program Director, Application Development Software at IDC. "Salesforce1 Heroku Connect allows these enterprises to connect their Salesforce data with new engaging customer apps which they can build in a variety of programming languages on the Heroku platform."

A New Breed of Apps
As technology continues to transform the way companies connect with their customers, it has become clear that mobile apps are now the differentiator in creating industry-changing interactions. Historically, two types of companies have shown us the power of next-generation connected mobile apps: growing startups like Lyft and Square, and large companies like banks and financial service firms. However, unless you are a startup with engineers that are building from the ground up, or a Fortune 100 company with unlimited resources, building these types of compelling, innovative apps can be a daunting task.

Heroku Connect provides companies with the capabilities required to quickly build engaging consumer apps that can improve their customers’ experiences, while implementing the back-end business processes that allow real-time workflow and access into their customers’ data to deliver a fully connected experience.

Better Tools for Building Fully Integrated Customer Engagement Apps
Heroku Connect provides bi-directional data flow between Salesforce1 and the Heroku Postgres databases. Seamless data integration between Heroku and Salesforce enables developers to build a whole new class of apps on Heroku, apps that deliver engaging customer experiences with robust business process support.

Heroku Connect enables developers to build apps using their technologies of choice and leverage Salesforce data accessed through a relational data store. This flexibility creates faster time to market for the business while enabling cutting edge mobile and web experiences that use popular open stack technologies like Node.js, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, Go, and Python.

Pricing and availability:
? Salesforce1 Heroku Connect is available today as a part of the Salesforce1 Connected Customer App Package.
? Pricing for the package is based on resources and usage.

Additional Information:
? Learn more about Salesforce1 Heroku Connect and the Salesforce1 Connected Customer App Package at
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