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Customer Engagement Launches Salesforce Wear Launches Salesforce Wear Salesforce Wear is the industry's first initiative for wearable computing in the enterprise New Salesforce Launches Salesforce Wear

Salesforce Wear is the industry’s first initiative for wearable computing in the enterprise

New Salesforce Wear Developer Pack empowers developers to kick-start their ability to connect companies with their customers in entirely new ways through apps for wearables

Salesforce Wear initiative includes support for Android Wear, ARM, Fitbit, Pebble, Philips, Samsung and other devices to accelerate the adoption of wearables in the enterprise

SAN FRANCISCO – June 10, 2014 – (NYSE: CRM), the world’s #1 CRM platform, today launched Salesforce Wear, the industry’s first initiative for wearable computing in the enterprise. The company also launched the new Salesforce Wear Developer Pack, empowering developers to kick-start their ability to connect companies with their customers through apps for wearables in entirely new ways. In addition, ARM, Fitbit, Google Glass, Pebble, Philips, Samsung and others have joined the Salesforce Wear initiative to accelerate adoption of wearables in the enterprise.

Comments on the News
? “Wearables are the next phase of the mobile revolution,” said Daniel Debow, SVP, emerging technologies, “With Salesforce Wear, companies can now capture the massive opportunity these devices offer to connect with customers in new ways.”
? “All of these new devices have different application architectures, UX patterns and data flows,” said Adam Seligman, VP, developer relations, “The Wear Developer Pack handles the identity, secure API access and plumbing necessary to connect the device to the Salesforce1 Platform, letting the developer focus on innovative new use cases.”
? “Philips has advanced health sensor technologies for use in wearable devices and sophisticated cloud-based services,” said Jeroen Tas, CEO of Philips Healthcare Information Services & Solutions. “We see great promise for our cloud-connected wearable device technologies in the healthcare industry and look forward to working with and its partners on bringing these solutions to market.”
? "Wearable technology opens up a new realm of possibilities for the enterprise and we’re thrilled to work with to extend mobile innovation," said Nick Rea, Director of Technical Solutions, Business Innovations Group, Samsung Mobile. "Salesforce Wear will create new mobile solutions that leverage the technology of Samsung Gear devices to help business customers adopt wearables in a meaningful way.
? “Wearable devices represent the next phase of this mobile revolution. Perpetually connected wearables will enable workers, partners, and customers to experience new levels of immediacy, simplicity, and context in their mobile computing experiences. Wearables aren’t just a consumer phenomenon; they have the potential to change the way organizations and workers conduct business,” wrote J.P Gownder in the January 2014 Forrester Research, Inc. report, “The Enterprise Wearables Journey.”
? “ARM® already provides the architecture of choice for the wearable and IoT markets and it’s clear how our scalable and energy-efficient technology is fueling innovation in exciting new application areas,” said Krisztian Flautner, deputy general manager, IoT business unit, ARM. “For deployment in IoT enterprise applications, the expertise of companies such as will be vital in helping businesses realize the efficiency, cost and capability benefits that connected, ARM powered technology can bring.”

Salesforce Wear: The Next Mobile Revolution in the Enterprise
The dramatic explosion of wearables creates a tremendous opportunity for businesses to connect with customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways. According to an IHS white paper titled Wearable Technology – Market Assessment, roughly 50 million wearable units will be sold in 2014, and more than 180 million are predicted to sell in 2018. With the massive number of devices coming into market, it is imperative that companies understand how consumers will operate in a hands-free world. Wearables are the future of mobile, and companies can now discover new ways to market, sell, service and more. Salesforce Wear will enable companies to deliver:
? Connected 1:1 Experiences: With a connected wearable, going to a favorite casino, resort or amusement park will mean never having to pull out your wallet, juggle a hotel card key or search for an app. What if it was possible to anticipate needs and give VIP treatment to any visitor? With wearable devices like a wristband seamlessly connected to customer data, destinations can deliver customized journeys for every guest.
? Contextually Aware Sales Apps: Wearables will enable salespeople to be more connected to the digital world while being more present in the real world. Checking a mobile phone or opening a laptop during a meeting can be a distraction. A quick update right from the wrist can provide the necessary information without losing focus.
? Faster, Safer Service Resolution: Customer service will reach a whole new level with the introduction of wearables. Remote service technicians, such as oil rig workers or medical device reps, will be able to access live data, review plans for the equipment they are fixing and get real-time coaching, right from their glasses as they work. And they’ll be able to share exactly what they’re seeing—completely hands free.
? Platform Built for Endless Possibilities: Developers will be able to create apps that connect wearable devices to any business process. Apps can be built for everything from a “nudge” on a smartwatch when an urgent approval is required, to secure facilities access via a wristband, to encouraging healthy workforces through fitness challenges using fitness tracking devices. The possibilities on the platform are endless.

The Salesforce Wear Developer Pack for the Salesforce1 Platform
Until now, there has not been a trusted, enterprise cloud platform for businesses that want to embrace wearables. Developers who wanted to create business-focused wearable apps did not have access to an industry leading platform, reference applications and code, ecosystem support or customer data.

Now, the more than 1.5 million Salesforce1 developers can kick-start their ability to connect companies with their customers in entirely new ways through wearable apps. Enterprise developers can immediately access a growing library of devices, sample code, documentation, demonstrations and reference apps to learn from. With the new developer pack, it is easy for developers to kick start building and deploying build and deploy exciting new enterprise wearable apps, connecting companies and their customers like never before.

Salesforce Wear Ecosystem
Salesforce Wear is building in support for devices which can be worn on the face, wrist and body for a variety of use cases, including:
? Android Wear – Android Wear-based smartwatch
? ARM – Market leader in semiconductor IP wearables
? Fitbit – Designs leading products that track everyday health and fitness
? Google Glass – Wearable computer with a head-mounted optical display
? Myo from Thalmic – Gesture-contolled wearable to control devices with hand movement
? Nymi from Bionym – Wearable identity authenticator to eliminate the need for passwords
? OMsignal – Biometric smartwear designed for fitness tracking
? Pebble – Wearable smartwatch
? Philips – Sensor technologies and cloud-based services for wearable devices
? Samsung Gear 2 – Tizen-based smartwatch that delivers comprehensive notifications and call functionality directly to a user’s wrist

Pricing and Availability
? Salesforce Wear Developer Pack is now generally available and is included with all user licenses of Salesforce CRM and the Salesforce Platform.
? The Salesforce Wear Developer is available at

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