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Salesforce Delivers Einstein Account-Based Marketing — B2B Marketing Intelligence Built on the World’s #1 CRM Platform

Salesforce Introduces Einstein Account-Based Marketing—Intelligent B2B Marketing Built on the World's #1 CRM Platform With Einstein ABM, companies

Salesforce Introduces Einstein Account-Based Marketing—Intelligent B2B Marketing Built on the World’s #1 CRM Platform

With Einstein ABM, companies can now target their most valuable accounts and deliver 1-to-1 personalized journeys that seamlessly bridge sales and marketing

Trailblazers like CareerBuilder, Sika and Slalom can optimize marketing investments and close deals faster with Einstein ABM

SAN FRANCISCO—June 8, 2017–Salesforce [NYSE: CRM], the global leader in CRM, today introduced Einstein Account-Based Marketing (ABM), a complete, end-to-end B2B marketing solution powered by artificial intelligence. Built on the world’s #1 CRM platform, Einstein ABM enables marketing and sales teams to precisely target their most valuable accounts, personalize campaigns and engage with prospects at scale—improving pipeline quality and turning the hottest leads into new deals.

B2B companies increasingly see the opportunity with account-based marketing to align their limited marketing resources around their most important sales opportunities. However, sales and marketing data, tools and processes are fragmented. This makes collaboration between sales and marketing throughout the entire lifecycle of a deal labor-intensive and difficult to scale. Jointly identifying which accounts to focus on is still primarily a manual process. Once an account has been agreed upon, orchestrating personalized marketing campaigns that target each decision maker is a challenge to deliver. To make matters worse, many sales and marketing organizations use different systems to manage and engage with accounts, resulting in disjointed customer experiences.

Introducing Einstein Account-Based Marketing
Einstein ABM is a complete, end-to-end solution that brings together new and existing Salesforce capabilities to empower B2B companies to seamlessly bridge sales and marketing across the customer journey. Now, companies can intelligently prioritize the highest quality pipeline and engage prospects with personalized content at the right time to close deals faster. Einstein ABM enables companies to:

Identify the right accounts:
Einstein Lead Scoring automatically identifies the accounts most likely to convert based on factors such as relationship history and past purchases. Advertising Studio enables marketers to uncover and advertise to new "lookalike" prospects by identifying audiences with similar profiles, based on online behaviors from existing CRM data.

Improve account engagement:
Engagement Studio is a lead nurturing solution that enables marketers and sales reps to send personalized emails based on real-time buyer behavior or qualifying values, such as when a lead engages with a specific piece of content or if they have significant influence on a buying decision. Meanwhile, Einstein Opportunity Insights analyzes customer sentiment, competitor involvement and overall lead engagement to determine how deals are progressing.

Synchronize marketing and sales:
Einstein Account Insights arms sales reps with the latest prospect news, such as M&A activity and financial results, to inform engagement strategies. Reps can then utilize Salesforce Engage to personalize marketing content and reach out to leads within accounts at the right moment. Reps can also leverage interactive dashboards to track the effectiveness of the messages, including click-through rates of content and to know exactly when it is opened.

Measure, optimize and modify campaigns:
With B2B Marketing and Sales Analytics companies can understand the performance of their marketing campaigns against targeted sales opportunities in a single dashboard, and uncover insight into which campaigns perform best and why. In addition, new Multi-Touch Campaign Insights allows marketers to identify the attributes of marketing campaigns that have the highest potential to drive sales for targeted accounts. For example, it can determine that a sequence of clicking on an ad, downloading an eBook and watching a webinar is the optimal journey for converting prospects into high quality leads.

Additionally, partners on the Salesforce AppExchange give B2B companies the ability to tap complementary ABM solutions in order to meet sales and marketing needs. The AppExchange also includes implementation partners like Bluewolf to ensure customer success with Einstein ABM. Lastly, third-party data partners provide additional data sets, such as intent and firmographic data, further improving account targeting.

Salesforce Empowers B2B Companies to Skill-Up
Salesforce’s ecosystem of customers and partners will contribute 1.9 million jobs and $389 billion in GDP worldwide by 2020, according to IDC ( As Salesforce creates the technology and jobs for the future B2B professionals of the world, Salesforce Trailhead allows everyone to skill-up for the Salesforce Economy, today. Trailhead is Salesforce’s interactive, guided and gamified learning platform where anyone can develop skills that aid them in landing a job in the workforce of the future. Trailhead provides a direct path for anyone to start learning Salesforce for free, from anywhere.

Comments on the News:
“Identifying the most valuable sales accounts to secure new business remains a challenge for many B2B companies. Often times, there are many decisions makers within a targeted account, and it’s hard to personalize engagement at scale,” said Michael Kostow, SVP and GM, Salesforce Pardot. “Einstein ABM redefines B2B marketing, giving sales and marketing professionals the tools they need to secure new business and growing existing accounts, all on one platform and powered by AI.”

"With Salesforce, we are able to focus our sales and marketing resources specifically on the accounts we want to expand from job sourcing to lifelong human capital management customers," said Tamika Hewlett, director of demand generation at CareerBuilder. "Einstein ABM has the potential to take our first party data on the world’s #1 CRM, align it with our marketing content and communications, and with the power of AI, precisely engage with right leads, at the right time, with the right information to support our expansion efforts."

“Sika Corporation runs its entire B2B business on Salesforce, enabling us to better engage with prospects and boost sales by influencing architects, consultants and building owners," said Bill Bellico, director of marketing and inside sales for Sika’s Roofing division. "With Einstein ABM, we can grow our business by knowing exactly what decision makers to engage with, when to target them and with what content and information.”

“Salesforce Einstein ABM is the next level of success and effectiveness for our sales and marketing organization here at Slalom where we focus on providing consulting solutions to Fortune 500 companies spanning business advisory, customer experience, technology and analytics,” said Ed Kennedy, sales director, Slalom. “We’re able to bring together storytelling, marketing and sales in a way that drives real outcomes for our business. When engaging with today’s leading companies, any misstep can be risky. The power of AI aligns our account teams around unprecedented insights, ensuring that we connect with the right clients and prospects at the right time, and with the right information to drive ROI for their business.”

"Account-Based Marketing has proven to be a potent strategy to drive personalized campaigns and deeper customer engagement,” said Corinne Sklar, global chief marketing officer, Bluewolf. “Our Marketing Services practice has enabled thousands of companies to achieve their business goals with Salesforce, and Einstein ABM, with the power of AI, will help marketers validate ROI, automate next best action and get even closer to customers.”

"The combination of artificial intelligence and ABM will be transformative for B2B companies,” said Chris Golec, CEO, Demandbase. "As an ABM leader and Salesforce partner, Demandbase is excited to build upon our relationship together by providing AI-enabled ABM solutions to our customers that span advertising, marketing and sales with the world’s #1 CRM provider."

"Today’s B2B companies are struggling with ABM. There are so many moving parts to a successful ABM program that it makes it difficult to find a single, off-the-shelf, end-to-end ABM solution. As a result, companies are forced to invest in vendors that solve for one-off needs, resulting in disparate data and disjointed communication with their most valued accounts," said Keith Dawson, principal analyst, 451 Research. "Salesforce’s Einstein ABM layers artificial intelligence into a solution, aligning sales and marketing teams, improving lead targeting and shortening sales cycles.”

Pricing and Availability
Einstein Lead Scoring, Einstein Account Insights and Einstein Opportunity Insights are all part of Sales Cloud Einstein, which is generally available today at $50 per user, per month with any Sales Cloud Enterprise Edition license and above.
B2B Marketing Analytics is generally available today for $300 per month, for up to five users. Sales Analytics is generally available today for $75 per user, per month.
Multi-Touch Campaign Insights is currently in pilot and is expected to be generally available in the second half of 2017.
Engagement Studio is generally available today with Salesforce Pardot B2B Marketing editions starting at $1,000 per organization, per month.
Salesforce Engage is generally available today for an additional $50 per user, per month with any Salesforce Pardot edition.
Advertising Studio is generally available today for $2,000 per organization, per month.

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