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Sarah Franklin - President, Chief Marketing Officer

Sarah Franklin is President, & Chief Marketing Officer.

In her previous role of EVP & GM, Platform & AppExchange, Sarah led Salesforce’s developer initiatives with a focus on democratizing technology. She is passionate about empowering everyone to pursue successful careers in technology and bridging the skills and equality gaps by making technology accessible to all.

Throughout her career, Sarah was often one of the only women on her team. Witnessing the incredible inequality of women and minorities in STEM careers first-hand inspired her to help spark the Trailblazer movement by launching Trailhead--Salesforce’s gamified online learning platform. With Trailhead she has seen people transform their careers from hairdressers, salsa dance instructors and factory workers
to successful technologists. She is proud to work with the best and the brightest to change the face of the technology industry.

Sarah’s career has spanned large enterprises to scrappy startups. She specializes in bringing emerging technologies and trends to market and has a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen. She is proud to have worked at Salesforce for 10 years now. Sarah holds a dual degree of Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry from Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University.

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