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Salesforce Extends Generative AI Capabilities to Channel Sales Teams

Salesforce today announced new AI, CRM, and Slack sales innovations for its Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution

Salesforce’s latest generative and predictive AI is now available to channel managers, third-party resellers, brokers, and all types of indirect sellers. Generative AI adds new capabilities to scale channel management and accelerate partner selling. Additionally, the AI surfaced directly in the CRM helps channel managers and their partners stay focused and in sync on the highest priority opportunities. This announcement extends Einstein for Sales directly into the workflows of channel managers and their partners. Einstein Copilot saves time and helps channel managers focus at scale by automating administrative tasks and proactively sharing insights on the most promising leads and opportunities. And, with Slack AI and PRM for Slack, internal and external partners can collaborate and share data and insights quickly.

Why it matters

  • 75% of the world’s commerce comes through third-party channels or indirect sales. 
  • 90% of sales professionals say intelligent insights cut closing times significantly. 

What’s new: With new AI, CRM, and Slack capabilities in PRM, channel managers can:

  • Scale communications for partners with rich CRM context and generative AI using Einstein Sales Emails in PRM.
  • Summarize accounts and partner performance with Einstein Copilot, giving channel managers complete visibility across partner deals. 
  • Find and distill collective knowledge on deals quickly with Slack AI. Native generative AI in Slack provides instant conversation summaries and enhanced search capabilities that make it easier for users to stay up-to-speed on deal conversations and data coming into Slack from the PRM for Slack app.
  • Create a joint strategy for pipeline growth supported with AI insights using Pipeline Inspection in PRM. Channel managers and partners no longer have to rely on spreadsheets to track prospecting efforts and pipeline. Pipeline Inspection in PRM gives everyone a unified, real-time view of their pipeline.
  • Focus partners on the best deals with Lead and Opportunity Scoring in PRM at the individual lead and opportunity level as well as in Pipeline Inspection.

Salesforce perspective: “New generative AI, data, and automation capabilities in a Slack-first PRM will offer channel sales teams practical tools to enhance partner and internal processes. This will help Salesforce partners and sellers increase collaboration, improve seller productivity on both sides, deepen relationships, and enable growth.” – Ryan Nunez, VP, Industry Solutions

New generative AI, data, and automation capabilities in a Slack-first PRM will offer channel sales teams practical tools to enhance partner and internal processes.

Ryan Nunez, VP, Industry Solutions

Customer perspective: “Thanks to Partner Relationship Management, our team can help our partners get up and running faster, and they can automate a lot of what they used to do previously. We’re also excited to see how the AI insights — such as lead scoring — will give our partners clear guidance on what to focus on much faster.” – Hooman Shahidi, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, EVPassport


  • Einstein Copilot is generally available today, and Einstein Sales Emails for Partner Relationship Management will be available May 14, 2024.
  • AI capabilities for Partner Relationship Management, including scoring and pipeline inspection, are generally available.
  • Slack AI and PRM for Slack are currently generally available.

More information:

Any unreleased services or features referenced here are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers should make their purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available.

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