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Artificial Intelligence

Announcing Einstein Search – Increasing Productivity With AI

If you’re one of the 4.5 billion people connected to the Internet today, you use a search engine to find, purchase, or learn about pretty much anything that comes to mind. Consumer search engines provide a seamless way for us to make sense of our complex world. And consumers are used to a search experience that is fast, accurate, and constantly improving. But when those same people try to search within their CRM at work, the experience is painfully underwhelming: too many clicks to find what you’re looking for and an interface that confuses more than it helps. This shouldn’t be the case today.

Search should be intelligent and help you quickly find critical information, be more productive, and resolve customer issues faster. That’s why Salesforce is so excited to announce the arrival of Einstein Search, which brings the incredible power of intelligent search to CRM by making it personal, natural, and actionable.

Salesforce Einstein Search’s newest features include:

· Personalized results for every user — Each search result is tailored to what matters at your company and how you work as an individual.

· Relevant results from natural language queries — A seamless search experience that understands natural language, specifically as it applies to Salesforce.

· An actionable search bar for quicker time to value — Companies can increase productivity of sales and service teams by not only displaying the most relevant information for each user, but also viewing customizable actions within the search results. This can result in an up to 50% reduction in clicks and page loads for the most frequently-used tasks, such as editing sales records.

Find out more in a story from Will Breetz, Vice President of Product Management at Salesforce, here.


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