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Business Insider Names Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block to its List of 100 People Transforming Business

Today, Business Insider released its inaugural list of “100 People Transforming Business,” and recognized Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block as one of the top 10 enterprise tech executives transforming the technology industry. The publication notes that Keith has been a central part of Salesforce’s focus on customer success and how the company is leveraging today’s "perfect storm of amazing technology disrupting business models and markets” to drive value and innovation for customers.

"Everything for us begins and ends with the customer behind every device, whether it’s a phone or an IT device or a robot," Block said. "There’s a customer back there, and you have to have a portfolio that allows you to think about: How do you capture that information? How do you distill that data? How do you make actions through artificial intelligence around better engaging with that customer?"

Business Insider also profiled Block in a piece titled The new co-CEO of Salesforce explains how the $124 billion cloud company’s ‘fourth’ act is using AI to give its customers the ‘Holy Grail’. Block said that Salesforce has reinvented itself several times over the 20 years since it first came into existence, each time establishing itself as a major player in a new market.

"I think most companies have one act," he said. "Salesforce has had a second act, third act, fourth." The story notes that Salesforce’s first acts were building multi-billion dollar businesses in sales, service and then marketing. The “fourth act” centers on applying artificial intelligence to the vast amounts of data that customers are increasingly generating to come up with fresh insights.

"I’ve referred to it as the ‘Holy Grail.’ We’re there," Block said.

Read the full story here.

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