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Customer Engagement

Customer 360 Truth — Delivering a Single Source of Truth for Every Customer Experience

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COVID-19 has changed how businesses operate and many are now challenged with needing to quickly deliver personalized experiences online. People expect the companies they do business with to know who they are and have a full picture of every interaction they’ve had with the company. Similarly, when they go online they want a single entry point into a company versus multiple logins or identities. However, companies can’t meet these expectations if data is siloed and they need to move from screen to screen in order to cobble together a full picture of every customer. To move forward, these organizations need a single source of truth to connect all of their customer data across every system and business in a secure way.

That’s why today, Salesforce is excited to announce the general availability of Customer 360 Truth, including best-in-class data management, consumer identity access management, and privacy tools — all powered by the #1 CRM. Now, companies can unify, segment and activate data across every customer touchpoint — delivering relevant and lasting relationships.

So, what is Customer 360 Truth, how does it work, and how will it actually help companies succeed in this new all digital world? Take the example of a customer’s relationship with her bank. She may have a personal checking account, a brokerage account, a mortgage and an account for her small business, and she wants each person who represents the bank—whether that’s a loan officer or a bank teller—to know who she is and have all of that information at their fingertips. Similarly, she wants one login for the bank, across all of these services. Now, let’s dig in to each of the products that make up Customer 360 Truth: 

Data Manager

Customer 360 Data Manager connects customer data within Salesforce and non-Salesforce systems such as ERP and point-of-sale systems to create a global profile and issue a single Salesforce ID for each person. This global profile and Salesforce ID enables a single view of each customer across systems, including each customer’s name and contact information, reducing integration costs and empowering companies to deliver frictionless experiences for their customers.  


Customer 360 Audiences  is our customer data platform (CDP) that enables marketers to capture and understand all customer data across their CRM and other data sources, like marketing tools, commerce systems, data warehouses and more, and activate that customer data for use in display advertising, email campaigns, SMS notifications, and any external engagement platform. With Customer 360 Audiences, companies can ingest and connect massive amounts of data (petabytes, to be exact) across siloed data sources. This unified data helps marketers build a single customer profile and create unique audience segments with the help of AI to drive more relevant engagement with customers on mobile apps, email, and call centers and more.


Customer 360 Identity delivers an easier sign-up and login experience for end users and a single source of truth for IT departments. The average person has 70-80 passwords and logins, creating a less than ideal experience for users (who can remember that many logins?), as well as tons of siloed data across the business. With Customer 360 Identity, companies can provide a single user login across all of their digital properties, delivering a frictionless sign-up experience; and even passwordless login. Even more, Salesforce has partnered with customer identity and access management leader Auth0 to provide this frictionless login experience to customers, including a pro-code developer experience. 


Customer 360 Privacy Center helps companies to automate the management of sensitive personal data — including addresses or birthdays — in compliance with data protection regulations. With the Salesforce Privacy Center’s new suite of data management and archive tools, any admin can now create rules that manage how their Salesforce org retains, deletes, anonymizes and transfers customer data – including policies that govern how long personal data  is kept, or if it’s to be compiled and transferred back to the customer at their request.

Companies using Customer 360 Truth span various industries including retail, technology, manufacturing and finance. A few examples include: 

Vari, a fast-growing, innovative office solutions company, uses Customer 360 Data Manager to bridge disparate systems, give them a single view of the customer and help their business scale. With more people than ever working from home, Vari pivoted its business to meet consumer demand for home office furniture. In the process, they’ve created a single ID by capturing recent customer interactions to accomodate more online shoppers, develop personalized marketing campaigns and support remote customer service agents across call, chat and social support. 

The Warehouse Group, one of the largest retailing groups in New Zealand, is using Customer 360 Data Manager to build a single customer view across six brands. Before, customers would have different profiles for each individual brand; now with Salesforce, customers have a single login across The Warehouse Group brands — creating a faster, easier and frictionless experience. With Customer 360 Audiences, The Warehouse Group can connect disparate customer data across each of their brands, including purchase history, online browsing behavior and more to understand and personally engage with customers based on their individual preferences. 

Casey’s, a leading chain of convenience stories in the Midwestern and Southern United States, piloted Customer 360 Audiences to import various data sets, unify the data and create audience segments to quickly activate digital marketing campaigns. Casey’s has been able to connect and organize data from their website, mobile app, point-of-sale system and email system to provide customers with a fast, personalized digital experience. 
Customer 360 Truth is generally available today as part of the Salesforce Platform, a set of building blocks for creating amazing customer and employee experiences in this all-digital, work from anywhere world. The Auth0 functionality within Customer 360 Identity is expected to become generally available in the first half of next year. Learn more about Customer 360 Truth here.