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Customer Engagement

Salesforce and Bloomberg Media Launch New Customer Centricity Index

Index and data driven by Salesforce and Bloomberg Media showcases the companies that are putting their customer’s needs first during the pandemic

Today, Salesforce and Bloomberg Media for the first time launched a new Customer Centricity Index – a data-driven list that uncovers the top companies and leaders that are shaping their businesses to prioritize the needs of their customers first. This list highlights the companies that are focusing their efforts on what customers need most, and how they are adapting to help customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Leveraging Bloomberg Media’s proprietary Brand Health System, this index helps formally define customer centricity, quantitatively identifies the core drivers of customer centric brands and compiles the insights and data from more than 1500 C-suite executives to rank the top 100 leaders in customer centricity. These companies are identified across six success factors and five industries (Communications, Financial Services, Health, Manufacturing and Retail), including brands and Salesforce customers such as Humana, Starbucks, Audi, AT&T, and more.

“Given Bloomberg Media’s heritage in data and Salesforce’s ingrained value of being customer-focused, we were able to approach this much talked about topic in an entirely new way, by devising a first-of-its-kind methodology to assess performance. In doing so, we’ve embedded new, tangible meaning in what it actually takes to be customer-centric,” said Anne Kawalerski, Bloomberg Media’s Global Chief Marketing Officer

As businesses quickly shift from crisis triage to recovery and adaptation, customer relationships have become the biggest competitive differentiator. Salesforce and Bloomberg Media are partnering to help companies uncover what it truly means to be customer-centric and turn trusted relationships into business value.

Stephanie Buscemi, EVP and CMO, Salesforce

Customer centricity success factors

The term “Customer Centricity” is one that has been used loosely for years to define brands, but in reality being focused on and responsive to customers today is more important for businesses now than it’s ever been. Customer centric brands are ones prioritizing its customers based on six key success factors that highlight excellence in customer centricity, including:

  1. Anticipating customers’ needs
  2. Delivering exceptional customer service
  3. Caring about customers
  4. Offering relevant products and services
  5. Being easy to do business with
  6. Being honest with the public

Recently, Salesforce released the fourth edition of its annual State of Connected Customer Report, an annual study of how customer expectations and behaviors are changing as businesses, technology and society at large evolve. According to these findings, 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services, while 76% of customers expect consistent interactions across departments. Brands that provide unified experiences that prioritize customers’ individual needs are essential to fostering a superior experience and being customer centric. 

Bloomberg Media Centricity Index methodology

The Customer Centricity Index was created by Bloomberg Media in collaboration with Salesforce and based on a factor analysis conducted on data sourced from a survey by the Bloomberg Brand Health System. The survey results are based on self-reported brand perceptions of an externally-sourced sample of C-Suite executives in the United States. The Customer Centricity Index and Customer Centricity score is not an endorsement from either Salesforce or Bloomberg Media of any brands or companies on the ranking and does not constitute independent editorial content from Bloomberg Media or Bloomberg L.P.


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