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Delivering Connected Customer Experiences with Commerce Cloud and MuleSoft

Integration is core to providing a consistent, personalized and fast shopper experience. But it’s extremely challenging for companies to deliver. With customers today using an average of 10 different channels—apps, social, web and more—data is everywhere. Harnessing this data isn’t easy. It takes a team of IT professionals that meticulously manage an average of 39 disparate systems to connect data from merchandisers, marketers, sales and more as brands continue to add new digital tools to their enterprise.

What if companies could connect those disparate systems and deliver cohesive experiences faster?

That’s why today, we’re introducing the MuleSoft Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud—enabling our customers to create connected customer experiences faster than ever. MuleSoft Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud codifies integration best practices and distills them into pre-built integration templates that enable companies to deliver connected customer experiences faster. Now brands can jumpstart the development of new commerce experiences with:

  • Product configurators—Quickly build and deploy a selection of merchandise curated to each individual shopper’s needs and interests. Complete with Customer and Order Management integration templates that leverage prebuit APIs for customer records, orders, inventory, product descriptions and shopping basket.
  • Social marketplaces—Easily publish product catalogs to an external social marketplace while pushing orders back into Commerce Cloud for processing and delivery. Order management and inventory integration templates provide brands with a real-time, accurate view of inventory and fulfillment while selling across multiple platforms.
  • Chatbots—Connect chatbots with inventory, pricing, description and customer data in Commerce Cloud to deliver personalized product recommendations. Now customers can expect the best offers, accurate product availability and tailored incentives as they purchase via chatbot.

MuleSoft Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud will be available in Q3 2019.

Let’s take a look at how ASICS is delivering a connected customer experience globally with MuleSoft and Commerce Cloud. ASICS has a massive global presence, across seven separate brands, which required each region to operate a myriad of different systems for daily business. Rather than continuing to spend exorbitant amounts of IT time dedicated to manually managing these systems, ASICS decided to replatform their ecommerce experience onto Commerce Cloud and integrate their multiple systems into an application network with MuleSoft. In doing so, ASICS was able to increase revenue 16 percent year-over-year across all of their brands and increase their average conversion rate. Today, ASICS has realigned existing resources to focus on delivering better customer experiences through innovations without the need for staff augmentation, allowing them to seamlessly expand to new countries.

Interesting in learning more? Be sure to visit the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Accelerator on the MuleSoft Exchange, the blog post and check out the Commerce Cloud keynote at Connections here.


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