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New Salesforce Digital Intelligence Tools Connect Commerce and Marketing Data for Personalized Experiences

As companies embrace a “commerce anytime, anywhere” mentality, digital experiences are becoming a key differentiator. In fact, 80% of customers agree that the experience a company provides is as important as its products or services.

In this digital-first, experience-focused environment, marketing and commerce teams must operate as one unit to delight customers, deliver the right products or services, and build loyalty. However, this vision isn’t always the reality. Our latest State of the Connected Customer Report found that 76% of customers expect consistent interactions across departments, but 54% said it generally seems like departments don’t share information.

This gap, in addition to holding a retailer back from meeting customer expectations, can actually be dangerous to a brand — 80% of consumers report abandoning retailers after just three bad experiences. To deliver on customer expectations, marketing and commerce teams must have shared insights and objectives that form the basis of unified experiences.

Connected marketing and commerce data creates unified experiences, drives ROI

Unified experiences can also drive engagement — and in turn, revenue. With marketing campaigns informed by first-party ecommerce data, promoting the right product messaging for the right person at the right moment can show the customer new shopping opportunities. The data gleaned from those efforts then informs the ecommerce team, who can in turn drive more qualified traffic and serve shoppers the most effective experience.

And, by combining upper-funnel marketing spend with bottom-of-the-funnel commerce revenue, digital teams get a real view of ROI and performance. These views offer a better picture of cancellations and returns (something not usually illuminated by traditional marketing data sources), help teams optimize their business impact, and curate customer journeys.

Introducing digital intelligence powered by Datorama and Tableau

With Datorama’s ecommerce enhancements you can create a marketing intelligence strategy that helps you tie marketing spend to e-commerce results
Tableau Connector for Commerce empowers merchandisers with dynamic data analysis and insights to drive business and merchandising strategy.

Today, we are excited to announce the release of new digital intelligence solutions that use automation to help connect a brand’s commerce and marketing data, providing insights and analytics that optimize relationships, ROI, and revenue:

  • Datorama Connector for Salesforce Order Management System (OMS): This new integration allows ecommerce professionals and marketers to understand the relationship between marketing campaigns and sales.
  • Datorama Connectors for Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central Inventory: Two new Amazon connectors optimize marketing and commerce performance in sales and orders conducted in Amazon.
  • Datorama’s Ecommerce Data Model: Salesforce’s new, out-of-the-box data model automatically organizes ecommerce data from any platform, preparing it for analysis and harmonization with marketing performance data. These enhancements enable Datorama’s Einstein Marketing Insights to unlock AI-driven intelligence to proactively surface KPI drivers for digital professionals to optimize marketing campaigns and ecommerce experiences.
  • Tableau Connector for Commerce Cloud: This new connector enables merchants to import third-party data sources — transforming performance data into actionable insights in a single view. By leveraging the power of Tableau, merchants can discover new data visualization capabilities and customize them as needed.

At Salesforce, we pride ourselves on working with digital professionals to help build connections between commerce and marketing. These new digital intelligence solutions aim to achieve that goal through the power of automation, helping companies grow customer relationships and their business as a result.

More information:

  • Read about the Salesforce innovations and partnerships announced at NRF.
  • Datorama Connector for Salesforce Order Management System OMS is generally available today.
  • Datorama Connectors Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Vendor Central are generally available today.
  • Datorama’s Ecommerce Data Model is generally available today.
  • Tableau Connector for Commerce Cloud generally available today.

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