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Dreamforce 2019 Product Announcements

Surrounding Dreamforce we announced several new innovations for our Customer 360 Platform, Einstein, MuleSoft and Tableau, as well as new products and services from strategic partnerships with Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

Customer 360 Truth

We introduced Customer 360 Truth, a new set of data and identity services for our Customer 360 Platform, which helps customers digitally transform every experience and build a single source of truth across all of their customer relationships.

Customer 360 Truth connects data from across sales, service, marketing, commerce and more to create a single, universal Salesforce ID for each customer. All of a customer’s previous interactions and shared preferences are stitched together to create a complete view so that companies can better serve and even predict their needs, whether addressing a customer service problem, creating a personalized marketing journey, predicting the best sales opportunities or surfacing product recommendations. In this interview, Patrick Stokes, Executive Vice President of Platform Shared Services at Salesforce, provides an in-depth view of Customer 360

Einstein Voice

Salesforce is enabling millions of CRM users to talk to Salesforce. With Einstein Voice Assistant guiding every action, insight and prediction, Salesforce users will be more productive—from anywhere. With Einstein Voice Assistant, routine CRM transactions – creating or updating customer records, getting personalized daily briefings and exploring dashboards – can be done conversationally, so sales reps can keep their business moving forward and focus on what matters most, customer success. And with the new Einstein Voice Skills companies will be able to create custom voice-powered apps to reimagine workflows and processes—replacing any manual data entry or manual Salesforce navigation that may impede productivity. From a simple set-up page, developers and admins will be able to build custom skills for any CRM action—such as updating a field, creating a task or reading out a prediction—and select the Salesforce fields or objects that inform each action.

Service Cloud Voice

The new Service Cloud Voice integrates telephony natively inside Service Cloud, unifying phone, digital channels and CRM data in real-time in one centralized console. Now, when a phone call is routed to a service agent, it appears directly within the agent’s workspace — the command center for managing customer data and interaction histories, as well as delivering service across channels including email, chat, messaging and phone. And with new transcription capabilities that convert voice to text, Einstein can support customer service agents handling voice calls by serving up AI-powered recommended responses, knowledge articles and next best actions.

Einstein Call Coaching

The new Einstein Call Coaching for Sales Cloud enables managers to surface insights and trends within conversational data. Natural language processing identifies keywords in sales calls, alerting managers to trends like a spike in competitor mentions, or best practices on topics like objection handling or budget discussions. Those insights can then be used to provide sales reps with personalized coaching on how to improve the customer buying experience.

MuleSoft’s New Tools, Learning Modules

MuleSoft announced new tools, pre-packaged connectors and learning modules to empower anyone to compose connected customer experiences, without writing a single line of code. This will enable anyone to become an “Integration Trailblazer” and easily connect data sources wherever the data resides; accelerate integration with automated, intelligent data mapping powered by Einstein; and learn about the power of API-led connectivity.

MuleSoft and partners including Deloitte and Accenture have committed to skill up 100,000 Integration Trailblazers over the next five years to ensure that this foundational skill set can be found across the enterprise.


Tableau innovation was on full display at Tableau Conference earlier this month. The company announced that customers will now be able to use data prepared in Tableau across any of their technologies. This new capability, and recent Tableau Catalog and Prep Conductor updates, puts Tableau at the center of any organization’s data strategy. The company unveiled Netflix-style, AI-powered, visualization recommendations to help customers quickly find relevant visualizations, and major updates to Ask Data, Tableau’s natural language processing solution, which can now interpret more complex questions including year-over-year and geo-spatial comparisons. Tableau also introduced Metrics to help business leaders keep an eye on performance indicators. User can easily create and track key performance indicators from various dashboards, and see all of them at a glance in a consistent format. The new Tableau Catalog helps IT better manage the proliferation of data sources and analytical content while bringing critical metadata directly to your people.

In addition, Tableau expanded its strategic relationship with Amazon Web Services, announcing Modern Cloud Analytics (MCA), a new initiative designed to help customers unlock the power and flexibility of self-service analytics in the cloud. MCA leverages the analytics and cloud expertise of two industry pioneers and taps the vast resources and deep technical knowledge of their partner networks to provide a blueprint for migrating their analytics to the cloud.

Salesforce-Apple Strategic Partnership

We announced the launch of two flagship apps—the redesigned Salesforce Mobile App and new Trailhead GO learning app—delivering rich customer experiences with features exclusive to iOS and iPadOS. We also announced the next generation of Salesforce’s Mobile SDK, empowering developers to build and deploy native apps for iPhone and iPad on the Salesforce Platform with ease.

Salesforce-Amazon Strategic Partnership

We introduced Service Cloud Voice, a new offering that seamlessly integrates Amazon Connect, to provide contact center agents with a complete set of tools in their agent workspace to deliver enhanced customer service support. In addition, Salesforce and AWS are making AWS content available on Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform, to train anyone to become proficient in the cloud. Finally, Salesforce is exploring ways to make Einstein Voice Skills — a declarative platform tool — compatible with Amazon Alexa, among other voice assistants and devices.

Salesforce-Microsoft Strategic Partnership

We announced plans to expand our strategic partnership with Microsoft to help customers meet the evolving needs of their businesses and boost team productivity. Salesforce has named Microsoft Azure as its public cloud provider for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Salesforce will also build a new integration that connects Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud with Microsoft Teams.

Dreamforce 2019

Dreamforce is the world’s largest software conference with more than 171,000 registered attendees and 13 million online viewers. Bringing together thought leaders, industry pioneers, and Trailblazers, Dreamforce is the ultimate expression of Salesforce’s values of trust, customer success, innovation and equality. With more than 2,700+ sessions, Trailblazers in every role and industry will learn how to achieve a 360-degree view of their customers and get hands-on with Salesforce’s latest product innovations including AI, voice, integration and online learning. To learn more, please visit: And find out how Dreamforce comes to life here.


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