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Honeywell’s CEO Reveals What CEOs Face on “The Inflection Point”

Inflection Point

Quick take: Darius Adamczyk, CEO at Honeywell, joined “The Inflection Point,” a video interview series helmed by Monica Langley, Salesforce EVP, to discuss the difficult decisions he’s had to make, including a complete rethinking of his company. 

What’s the impact?: Darius Adamczyk, CEO at Honeywell since 2018, talks about why he’s leading his company in a dramatic shift from being an industrial manufacturing giant into a technology company, with new ventures in automation, quantum computing, and sustainable technology. 

What they’re saying:

“Probably the one big thing that I heard over and over at a lot of the investors meetings was just don’t break anything. Just keep doing what (we’re) doing. Don’t change the strategy. Don’t change anything.”

“I actually believe it’s much harder to take a company that’s good, like Honeywell was when I took over, and try to make it great. That’s much more difficult.”

“At the end of the day, you own the decisions as CEO and it can be a very lonely place. You have to be both confident and humble at the same time. You’re on this very, very small island.”

Learn more: To see the full interview with Darius Adomczyk, watch the latest episode of The Inflection Point below:


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