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Leading Through Change: An Online Event Showcases How Standard Bank Is Leveraging Salesforce in its Digital Transformation

Salesforce’s Gavin Patterson (L) Talks with Standard Bank CEO Sim Tshabalala

Africa’s largest bank, Standard Bank, is going digital-first in order to best serve customers as the COVID-19 pandemic presents unprecedented challenges for financial services companies. Based in Johannesburg, Standard Bank employs 50,000 people in 20 countries. On Tuesday, September 8, Salesforce held a special online event as part of its Leading Through Change series, featuring Sim Tshabalala, CEO of Standard Bank Group, to learn how the bank is making tailored services simple with one platform for any device, anywhere. A video replay of the event is available here.

Hosted by Gavin Patterson, Salesforce President and Chief Revenue Officer, the event was titled “How Standard Bank is Transforming from Bank to Broader Platform Company.”

Tshabalala emphasized that Salesforce’s platform is key to its digital transformation, and that Standard Bank’s values are aligned with Salesforce’s. “We have been absolutely blown away by your commitment to Trailhead,” noted Patterson, referring to Standard Bank’s thousands of employees who are leveraging Salesforce’s online learning platform.

Tshabalala confirmed that Standard Bank has actively sought to make Trailhead and Salesforce platform knowledge standard across its employee base, and not restricted “to just a handful of techies.” He noted that Trailhead is friendly and gamified, making it accessible for all types of bank employees.

In a virtual signing event that took place in late June, Standard Bank unveiled an extended agreement with Salesforce to deliver positive digital experiences to its clients. “Our extended agreement with Salesforce is a major step towards transforming the Standard Bank Group into a client-centred platform business that delivers a range of individualized, instantly available solutions, services and opportunities, enabled by modern digital technologies and delivered in whatever way a client prefers. Our goal is to use our data capabilities to build deeper, better and more enduring relationships with our clients,” said Tshabalala, in announcing the agreement.

Don’t miss the replay of the Leading Through Change video replay. In conjunction with the event, participants were encouraged to donate to World Food Program USA. Details on the donation opportunity, including matching, are seen in the graphic below.


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