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Company Culture

Marc Benioff Discusses Activism and Innovation at the Wall Street Journal’s Future of Everything Festival

marc benioff and matt murray

On Tuesday, Salesforce Chair and CEO Marc Benioff spoke at the Wall Street Journal Future of Everything Festival in a mainstage fireside chat with WSJ Editor in Chief Matt Murray. The conversation covered Marc’s vision for the future of work, the transition to an all-digital world, and how Salesforce — guided by its core values — has helped all of its stakeholders navigate the challenges of the past year and find success.

A video replay of the event is available here, and key quotes from Benioff are below:

  • “How do you maintain culture in an all-digital world? You do it through your actions, your words and your behaviors.”
  • “Step one is we will preserve our core values. Step two is we will make working from home as productive and successful as we can.”
  • “We’ve recreated our company in the last year. This has been a moment where everything has had to change.”

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