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Customer Success

Moleskine Embraces New eCommerce Platform Powered by Salesforce


As our economies continue to shift to digital, iconic Italian manufacturer brand Moleskine has chosen Salesforce to deliver its new eCommerce platform. Transforming its go-to-market strategy will ensure a consistent, personalized and engaging omni-channel customer experience.

Moleskine Chief Executive Officer, Daniela Riccardi, said that the collaboration will allow the company to strengthen its relationship with its customers and how it responds to the needs of all stakeholders.

“The client experience is a very important and basic element for Moleskine; it has been since the beginning of the company. In fact we have a truly authentic and unique relationship with all the stakeholders and our customers,” said Daniela. “The collaboration with Salesforce will allow us to strengthen this fundamental aspect with the aim of growing together with our community.”

Whilst the most visible aspect of Moleskine’s transformation will be the launch of its new eCommerce website in 2021, leveraging a range of Salesforce solutions will enable Moleskine to reimagine their entire customer strategy. With both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud they will be able to better manage marketing campaigns and customer service respectively.

Whereas Moleskine previously relied on commercial partners to boost its customer experience, data consistency will deliver a direct and personalized customer journey regardless of which channel they choose.

Key to transforming this experience will be Moleskine’s capability to enable a 360-degree view of every customer gained through Commerce Cloud platform and other Salesforce applications that track customer’s journey.

Ezio Russo, Area Vice President of Salesforce Italy, said: “Today the customer experience is as important as the quality of the product that is being purchased. The Salesforce world allows to have a 360-degree view of customers, their purchasing habits and their preferences.

“By transforming their business today, Moleskine will be better prepared to respond and anticipate customer needs tomorrow.”


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