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Salesforce Launches MuleSoft B2B and B2C Integration with AI to Enhance End-to-End Order Lifecycle Management

Salesforce today announced new solutions to help streamline and accelerate end-to-end order lifecycle management: MuleSoft’s Anypoint Partner Manager with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and MuleSoft Accelerator for Salesforce Order Management. Together, these business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) integration solutions make it easier to connect essential data across third-party applications, Salesforce OMS, and partner ecosystems – all within MuleSoft. Enhanced with AI, these new solutions help IT teams unify data from multiple data and system sources to achieve end-to-end order visibility, improved efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Why it matters: IT teams are inundated with requests to integrate disparate systems and adopt different technologies. And IT teams in retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare must manage the thousands of daily transactions between suppliers and buyers across the supply chain ecosystem. To add to the complexity, 75% of B2B digital sales occur via standardized Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and specialized solutions are needed to handle these transactions. 

Go deeper: Anypoint Partner Manager with IDP is a cloud-native B2B integration solution that accelerates partner onboarding and operational management of both API and EDI-based transactions through the commerce and supply chain lifecycle. It provides visibility tools to accurately monitor the health of partner transactions along with key business and operational insights like overall order frequency and volume, shipment statuses, and more. By utilizing IDP, developers can leverage AI to extract, read, and store unstructured data from documents such as invoice and purchase order PDFs, surfacing it in systems of record and order management systems like Salesforce OMS. IT and business teams can rapidly develop integrations and APIs, monitor and manage their performance, and secure them in compliance with partner requirements, all through a single pane of glass.

New capabilities of this offering include: 

  • EDI, B2B Integration support with Salesforce OMS, which enables business teams to streamline their EDI orders, invoices, shipping statuses, and other important commerce and supply chain-related transactions. 
  • IDP enables teams to rapidly extract and structure data from documents to integrate with downstream systems. It uses advanced AI algorithms to extract and structure data from diverse formats such as PDFs and images.
  • End-to-end traceability allows businesses to trace transactions across the entire enterprise integration fabric as they travel through the process and system APIs.
  • Transaction replay can be done with a simple click of a button or through platform API calls.
  • CSV and delimited files support helps customers onboard their business partners faster with a simplified and configuration-driven low-code experience, enabled by a wide variety of data formats and protocols. 

MuleSoft Accelerator for Salesforce OMS makes it easier and faster to achieve end-to-end order visibility across channels from a centralized hub. The accelerator includes pre-built APIs, connectors, implementation templates, and other technical assets for Anypoint Platform to unify B2B orders with Salesforce OMS and connect all B2B and B2C orders to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. By leveraging the available out-of-the-box integration assets, customers can significantly reduce the development time required for integrating systems and accelerate time to market.

New capabilities of this offering include: 

  • Partner Manager to OMS integration enables organizations to rapidly deploy and process B2B transactions into Salesforce OMS, allowing businesses to unify their data into a centralized order management hub.
  • OMS to ERP Integration, which provides real-time synchronization of order and shipment data between Salesforce OMS and ERP systems for more efficient and timely order fulfillment.

Industry Use Cases:

  • Healthcare: Pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations providing modern vaccine treatments need ways to intake purchase orders from their buyers. With Anypoint Partner Manager and AI, they can accept purchase requests, extract data from PDFs or emails, and connect to their OMS or other systems of record.
  • Manufacturing: Auto parts suppliers need to analyze the health of their inventory, order, shipping, and fulfillment processes to drive better operational management and boost ROI. Now, with Anypoint Partner Manager, they can trace their transactions across their vast network of automobile manufacturers.
  • Retail: Retailers need to connect all of their omnichannel orders from Salesforce OMS to SAP to complete the order fulfillment process. Now, with Anypoint Platform and the MuleSoft Accelerator for Salesforce OMS, they can connect these systems in real time with pre-built integration assets.
  • Consumer Goods: Consumer Packaged Goods companies need complete order visibility for timely fulfillment and to ensure retailers can keep their shelves stocked. Now, they can leverage Anypoint Partner Manager to connect incoming orders with Salesforce OMS for centralized order management.

Customer perspective: “We were struggling with disjointed technology that was causing order and shipping delays while hampering our ability to innovate across our ecosystem,” said Jeff Blank, VP, Finance & Infrastructure at Jillamy. “MuleSoft’s Anypoint Partner Manager helped accelerate our partner onboarding processes with seamless B2B integration and more efficient management of our EDI transactions.” 

Salesforce perspective: “B2B and B2C integrations are critical to the success of supply chain management. From getting berries out of the farm or medical devices to hospitals, organizations across the globe are looking for a unified solution to manage and securely monitor their business partner transactions. With Anypoint Partner Manager and MuleSoft Accelerator for OMS, our customers can use our technology to build a composable business ecosystem that meets business partner compliance standards and drives end-to-end supply chain and commerce processes with efficiency, visibility, and speed.” – Andrew Comstock, VP, Product Management

With Anypoint Partner Manager and MuleSoft Accelerator for OMS, our customers can use our technology to build a composable business ecosystem that meets business partner compliance standards and drives end-to-end supply chain and commerce processes with efficiency, visibility, and speed.

Andrew Comstock, VP, Product Management


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