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Stakeholder Capitalism

Salesforce Announces $18.2 Million in New Grants to San Francisco and Oakland School Districts and Nonprofits

At Salesforce, we’ve always been a different kind of company. Over the past 20 years, we have volunteered more than 4.3 million hours in our communities, including local public schools. We’ve given $298 million in grants to worthy causes, including programs that give more children an equal opportunity at a world-class education.

Today, we’re proud to announce $18.2 million in new grants to San Francisco and Oakland school districts and nonprofits to help Bay Area students, teachers, and schools reach their highest potential.

The new grants to San Francisco Unified School District and Oakland Unified School District build upon long-term partnerships to improve student outcomes and opportunities. These grants will support computer science curriculum expansion and innovative math programs as well as teacher recruitment, retention, and training.

We believe principals are the CEOs of their schools. In the Bay Area, these grants support the Principals Innovation Fund, giving $100,000 to each principal to use as they need. To find out more about how principals are innovating, check out these Q&As with principals from Lawton and West Oakland Middle School.

In addition to supporting SFUSD and OUSD, Salesforce is providing grants to education nonprofits to expand its support of district educators and students. Salesforce is investing in CORE, a school improvement and accountability system, which will be used to provide opportunities for teachers and principals to use data in order to improve student outcomes and pilot program evaluations in SFUSD and OUSD. Salesforce is also making an investment in Blueprint School Networks, to expand the implementation of it’s Math Fellows Program, an intensive, daily, in-school tutoring program that provides additional academic support for students.

This announcement is a reflection of our broader commitment to equality and education around the world. Through Circle the Schools, Salesforce employees around the globe have given their time and energy and wrapped their arms around more than 100 schools globally to give everyone an equal opportunity to learn.

Visit our website to learn more about Salesforce’s education philanthropy efforts and read the press release with today’s announcement.

We know that business can be the greatest platform for change.


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