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Salesforce Chief Scientist Richard Socher Discusses the Impact of AI at Fortune Global Tech Forum

Salesforce Chief Scientist Richard Socher took the stage yesterday at Fortune Global Tech Forum in Guangzhou, China for a fireside chat with Fortune’s Asia Editor Clay Chandler. In a reference to the famous Dr. Strangelove phrase “How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb,” the session was titled “Why We Should All Stop Worrying and Learn to Love AI.” It covered the value of pure research for company innovation, and how Salesforce Einstein AI technology is changing customer experience. The session also focused on the impact–positive and negative–of AI on society and jobs, as well as the new opportunities being created by automation.

Socher discussed how Salesforce addresses AI ethics, highlighting Trailhead online learning resources for helping our customers and employees understand and mitigate AI bias.

“In general, when you apply AI to important decisions that really touch human lives, you want to very carefully think about how it impacts people and what kind of data the training has,” Socher said. “You need to think about all the different classes of people and communities and minorities that are going to be impacted by your data and you need to make sure that you have the right kind of training data that won’t have as much bias.”

More than 300 technology leaders from around the globe including investors, entrepreneurs, executives and government officials attended the event and Socher was one of 35 speakers there.

A full video of the session is available above. Also see our recent Q&A story with Socher, focused on Salesforce’s AI tools, here.


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