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Stakeholder Capitalism

Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block Calls for Businesses to Make Sustainability a Priority

Today’s businesses and CEOs are expected to play a larger role in building a more sustainable future. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Salesforce Research found that 60 percent of respondents see corporate sustainability as a moral imperative. Salesforce co-CEO Keith Block discussed the corporate sustainability imperative in a new video that is part of a Business Roundtable-sponsored Embracing Sustainability Challenge for CEO members. The video is available here.

In the video, Block discusses the challenges that climate change brings. “Climate change impacts everyone, but its effects are compounded in the world’s poorest regions, which only amplifies global inequality,” he said.

Block calls for businesses to help solve climate change and environmental challenges, and invites collaboration with other businesses through initiatives such as the Step Up Declaration. Last year Salesforce partnered with Mission 2020 to establish the Step Up Declaration, a new alliance committed to harnessing the power of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies to help reduce emissions across all economic sectors. Salesforce was the first company to sign the pledge and is now joined by 20 other companies who have signed and made their own climate commitments.

“It’s going to take everyone – all of us – to truly drive change,” he said.

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