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Customer Engagement

Salesforce Delivers Personalize Shopper Marketing to Help Retailers Know, Personalize, and Engage with Shoppers Across Channels

Today’s shoppers expect more. Thanks to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, powerful now technologies are driving entirely new customer experiences, and customers demand more. As artificial intelligence and predictive analytics have reset expectations, shoppers have changed the definition of their ideal shopping experiences. Today’s consumer wants a retailer to “know me, make it relevant for me, and engage me in more meaningful ways”. To achieve this end, retailers need to fully embrace digital technologies.

What if retailers don’t adapt? In many cases, shoppers will leave. In fact, 73% of shoppers will switch brands for a better retail experience. It’s no wonder there is a growing divide between shopper expectations and retailers’ ability to deliver seamless customer experiences. If retailers do not bridge the gap, then they risk being disrupted and losing market share due to missed expectations.

That’s why Salesforce is excited to announce the launch of Personalize Shopper Marketing, built on the #1 B2C CRM Marketing Platform—Marketing Cloud—to empower retailers to know, personalize, and engage with their shoppers across every channel. Watch the video here to see how it works.

This solution provides retailers with the ability to deeply engage with shoppers, allowing them to:

  • Connect every interaction, everywhere: email, mobile, social, ads, apps, IoT, web (you name it) on a single integrated digital marketing platform
  • Drive shopper loyalty with artificial intelligence: put personalized offers in the right channels at the right time, every time
  • Drive real-time interaction management with journeys: automated customer lifecycle marketing at scale
  • Unify the entire shopper experience: connect marketing, service and commerce activities in a single platform to enhance shopper relationships

Design Within Reach—an American retailer committed to making authentic modern design accessible and offering offering European modern furnishings—is one of our customer Trailblazers using this solution to execute the right communications in the right channel at the right time across complex buying journeys. This retailer’s goal is to deliver a luxury brand experience ranging from initial awareness through post-purchase service. Design Within Reach is managing 1-to-1 communications at scale, ensuring that every communication, from text messages to emails, is on point and delivers value for the customer.

We built Salesforce Personalize Shopper Marketing to empower brands to know, personalize, and engage with shoppers across every channel. Built on the #1 business-to-consumer CRM platform, retailers can fine tune every interaction to fit each shopper’s unique preferences, driving increased loyalty with personalized recommendations powered by Salesforce’s Einstein technology. Additionally, retailers can orchestrate personalization in real-time and at scale, and across the entire shopper lifecycle, from awareness through advocacy. Learn more here.


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