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Salesforce Delivers Powerful Marketing Analytics with New Datorama Data Preparation and Visualization Capabilities

Today at Advertising Week New York, we’re excited to announce two new Datorama marketing analytics tools that will simplify data preparation and improve visualization for brands and agencies. Datorama’s new Harmonization Center will help marketers cleanse, classify and enrich data for more accurate analysis. And Data Canvas will allow marketers to create compelling and interactive dashboards for richer insights.

Marketers face massive barriers to understanding how customers engage with marketing campaigns and where to optimize them. Data visualization, preparation, charts, dashboards and stats are top areas where expensive and talented marketing resources are misaligned. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for experienced marketing analysts to spend their time preparing data rather than analyzing it. Many marketers lack the tools and resources needed to deliver effective marketing analytics.

To address these marketing analytics challenges, Salesforce has introduced two new Datorama features, generally available today.

Harmonization Center: Simplify Data Prep with Cleansed, Organized and Standardized Data

Harmonization Center enables marketers to easily create a consistent taxonomy across their data from different sources with clicks, not code. Now, marketers can more accurately understand marketing campaign performance, improve their spend and conversion at all levels: from CMOs optimizing across business units, regions and product lines, to program specialists optimizing across channels, campaigns, and offers. Harmonization Center includes:

  • Data Classification: Allows marketers to organize and enrich their data. Campaign attributes are often inconsistently named within data sets, which makes it difficult to standardize. For example, the abbreviation GA can mean Google Analytics or Google Ads. With Data Classification, marketers can ensure data fits into their preferred taxonomy. Additionally, marketers enrich their data by assigning a new list of classifications to a data set. Now, marketers can upload a list of attributes such as country, offer and audience and map each attribute to their campaign data.
  • Naming Convention Patterns: Enables marketers to standardize their data by detecting patterns within data to ensure consistent and accurate naming conventions. It also automatically extracts attributes from the data, giving marketers more data points to pivot their analysis around. Without extracting these attributes, marketers risk missing valuable attributes hidden in their data fields that are relevant to reporting, including campaign region, campaign season, channel and more.
  • Data Hygiene Score: Provides marketers with a score of how consistent and cleansed their data is. If the score is low, it can signal that naming conventions, for example, are not in alignment. This can result in errors in data taxonomy. Marketers can now easily see exactly how accurate the data they are analyzing is, and take action to clean up data inconsistencies on the fly.

Data Canvas: Create and Share Dynamic Data Visualization Dashboards

Data Canvas empowers marketers to easily build dashboards to visualize, analyze and present their data, without the need for technical or design skills. Data Canvas is key to helping marketers become truly data-driven in their approach to marketing, allowing them to discover new ways to answer questions associated with marketing campaign performance. With Data Canvas, marketers are able to leverage a full suite of design editing tools, a library of visualizations, unique themes. Here are a couple of our favorite features:

  • Datorama Marketplace Integration: Announced earlier this year, the Datorama Marketplace allows developers to create apps for marketers. Now, marketers will be able to leverage a range of visualization widgets including headers, footers, funnels, and styled graph options created by marketers in their community, allowing them to explore new ways to think about viewing their marketing performance.
  • AI-Powered Visualization Recommendations: Marketers will now receive AI-powered visualization recommendations based on the data they are using. In the past, marketers would browse a library of visualizations to determine the best fit for their data set. Now, Datorama will suggest dashboards that will best visualize a marketer’s data set, showcasing the right levels of granularity, segmentation and exploration, such as specific date and time ranges, geos and products.

Here’s what Brands and Agencies are Saying about the New Datorama Features:

  • “At Autodesk, we make software to help people make things. In order to support our diverse customer base across multiple product lines, we leverage numerous marketing platforms, all of which generate data in various forms. Datorama helps us democratize data across this robust marketing ecosystem and compare the success of our efforts across a multitude of marketing channels. We can centralize data across siloed environments, visualize it to uncover actionable insights and easily share it across the organization,” said Brenna Comacchio, Marketing Science & Insights at Autodesk. “With the new Harmonization Center, we can classify, validate and enrich data, and then visualize it with Data Canvas. Datorama enables us to blend the art and science of evaluating performance, so we can uncover insights, make timely campaign optimizations and invest in areas that will drive the most growth.”
  • “At Ticketmaster, we need to be able to strategically optimize our marketing across all channels, mapping many data points across the entire conversion and sales process from lead generation ads all the way to post-sales follow up," said Kuau Pérez, Data Intelligence Manager at Ticketmaster, Mexico. “To do this, we’re faced with the challenge of combining data from multiple sources into a single flow. In a couple of minutes, Datorama’s Data Classification helped us harmonize our data in an easy, fast and almost magical way, creating new breakdowns, complete information and consistency between different data sets. With our data harmonized, we’re able to make better, smarter marketing decisions for our clients.”
  • "At Crossmedia, we’re big believers in transparency. We want our clients to have full visibility into the performance of all of their marketing, so they can rest easy knowing that we’re spending their money the right way. That’s why we use Datorama’s Data Canvas to build beautiful, cross-channel dashboards that help us analyze, report and share on all of our client’s data,” said Lara Ernsberger, Director of Analytics Integration at Crossmedia. “Data Canvas’s fast and flexible visualization tools empower us to not only build dashboards quickly, but make them unique and custom for any purpose we need. With Data Canvas, we can ensure that our media is always being optimized to drive revenue for our clients.”

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