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Salesforce Powers the Polls with Employee Civic Engagement Volunteerism

Poll Worker

Civic engagement is a long-standing priority for Salesforce. Employees aren’t just encouraged and given the time to vote — they are empowered to participate in all aspects of the democratic process.

This includes volunteering at the polls. In honor of Help America Vote and National Poll Worker Recruitment Day, which takes place Tuesday, August 16, Salesforce is renewing its call to employees to sign up to serve as poll workers in their communities.

Why it’s important: Properly-staffed polling centers are one of the best ways to help ensure free and fair elections. With poll worker shortages being reported in multiple states, Salesforce believes it is critical to support non-partisan efforts to “Power the Polls.” This year, Salesforce is encouraging employees through its active Equality Groups to continue to volunteer and drive support for the polls. 

The Salesforce perspective: In 2020, more than 700 Salesforce employees signed up to serve as poll workers, including Aaron Litwin. 

  • “Volunteering as a poll worker not only allowed me to be part of the democratic process, but it also reinforced the impact volunteers can have on our neighbors’ ability to cast their votes,” said Litwin, Senior Manager, Global Safety & Security. “I was able to help my community in a direct way by making it possible for each of them to have their voice heard – especially during the pandemic.” 

Taking action: Encouraging employees to help at the polls is just one part of Salesforce’s robust civic engagement playbook. Other important initiatives include:

  • Educational resources: From a Civic Engagement Trailhead module to an ongoing speaker series featuring discussions on candidates, voting, and related issues, Salesforce provides employees with various methods to stay informed. 
  • Advocacy for access: Salesforce also supports organizations that are focused on creating a more inclusive democracy, such as the ACLU Foundation, which aims to restore the voting rights of those who are disenfranchised and make voting as convenient as possible. 
  • Voter registration: Salesforce partners with TurboVote so employees can easily register to vote and make a plan to cast their ballots using

What they’re saying: Salesforce nonprofit partners support the company’s efforts.

  • “By actively supporting democracy and encouraging employees to use their civic voices, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to inclusion, deepen employee connection, increase customer loyalty, and support local communities,” said Anjelica Smith, Program Director of Voter Engagement at Democracy Works, co-founding organization of the Civic Alliance. “We are proud to have Salesforce as an exemplary Civic Alliance member, showcasing that empowering employees to participate in the democratic process is a clear and practical blueprint for how companies can be civically engaged in a constructive, non-partisan way.”

The big picture: Voter turnout in the United States has fluctuated in recent decades. Encouragement from companies can go a long way toward increasing employee participation in voting and nonpartisan civic engagement activities.

  • “At Salesforce, nonpartisan employee civic engagement is a top priority,” said Karol Ruiz, Public Affairs Manager, Salesforce. “We believe business is a platform for change and recognize our responsibility to empower our employees to actively participate in the democratic process.”

More information: Read how two Salesforce employees took action.


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