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Salesforce Financial Services Solution Helps Firms Streamline Digital Lending

Changing expectations have forced industries of all types to change the way they interact with their customers. Some industries, like retail and travel, have been successful in providing seamless, intelligent and mobile experiences to their customers, while others, like the mortgage lending industry, have fallen behind.

These lending firms are beginning to realize they need to change in order to provide the personalized experiences their customers expect today. Companies like Quicken Loans Rocket Mortgage, and new entrants such as Amazon, Square and Paypal have found success, highlighting how digital technologies have already disrupted the industry. For lenders to stay competitive in today’s digital age, they will need to invest in technology that allows them to deliver personalized, connected experiences at scale.

That’s why we are excited to offer a solution powered by the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and Marketing Cloud that allows firms to streamline their digital lending capabilities and create smarter, more personalized customer experiences. This new solution is designed to reduce friction for loan officers, loan processors, other back-office functions and their borrowers throughout the full cycle of the loan — from prospecting potential borrowers to managing payments and delinquencies on existing loans. A video demonstration, available here, shows how this solution works.

  • This solution provides lenders with a single source of truth, allowing them to:
    • Accelerate Loan Cycles – With Marketing Cloud, lenders can use key insights from external data sources to discover high-quality leads of people who are seeking loans and market to them through the right platform, such as social media or email marketing. These leads can be managed through Financial Services Cloud to provide visibility into all financial holdings and borrower activities from a single view.
    • Increase Borrower Transparency – With additional capabilities from Salesforce Community Cloud and Platform borrowers can follow their loan throughout the entire process, providing them with real-time updates on loan status and seamless collaboration with all stakeholders.
    • Extend Customer Insights with AppExchange – With Financial Services Cloud and AppExchange partner apps lenders can integrate additional capabilities to streamline and personalize the lending process. Cloud Lending Solutions, for example, allows lenders to align their firms by enabling all internal employees to quickly access all interactions with each borrower across any channel.

Many lending firms have utilized Salesforce financial services solutions to grow their business across the mortgage, consumer lending and commercial lending space. For example:

  • Alterna (Mortgage) – One of the oldest credit unions in Canada was quickly losing market share and finding it difficult to compete with major banks. Now, with Salesforce, Alterna has redesigned the process to create a digital mortgage approval application that borrowers can complete in eight minutes without any human interaction required. See how Alterna created a new digital mortgage solution from scratch with Salesforce to become the fastest growing Canadian credit union here.
  • Laurel Road (Fintech Consumer Lending) – In 2015, Laurel Road launched new loan offerings built in collaboration with Salesforce. Laurel Road built their new business with Heroku to quickly transition from Microsoft Excel and scale for fast growth. The company quickly transformed to one of the nations top student refinance lenders within 3 years. Learn more here.
  • Greystone (Commercial Lending) – 25 years ago, Greystone started with a telephone on a desk in the back of a friends music store. Without ever raising a penny of capital, this family business has become one of the largest commercial mortgage lenders in the United States, including leading the market in FHA loans. Greystone was able to quickly customize and build apps through Salesforce to build the foundation that connects all their data and provides a single view of the customer to all their lenders. Through a strong partnership with Salesforce, learn how Greystone was able to build apps that led to their dominance here.

This Salesforce Financial Services solution is built to serve the needs of our lenders and their borrowers. Click here to learn more about how we can streamline digital lending to transform your business.


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