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Powered by Salesforce Genie, Marketing Cloud Unveils Real-Time Customer Data Platform Innovations

  • Salesforce Customer Data Platform, Engagement, and Intelligence innovations, powered by Genie, turn data into customer magic
  • Companies like Build-A-Bear and Grammarly are creating real-time, personalized customer experiences at scale with Marketing Cloud

At Dreamforce ‘22, Salesforce introduced new innovations for Marketing Cloud that deliver real-time personalized moments, automation across every channel, and intelligent marketing and enterprise analytics in one platform. These innovations are powered by Salesforce Genie, a new, hyperscale real-time data platform that turns data into customer magic, delivering seamless, highly personalized experiences across sales, service, marketing, and commerce that continuously adapt to changing customer information and needs in real time.

For marketers, making every moment count is more challenging than ever, with economic headwinds driving tighter margins and ad spend declining – this July saw spend dip 13% YoY. And, with new data privacy changes and the fast-approaching cookieless future, brands must reimagine their data strategy now to deliver the real-time magical moments customers crave, while optimizing performance and spend to efficiently drive growth. 

The Top News from Dreamforce 2022

Salesforce’s Cary Chow breaks down the biggest news from Dreamforce 2022

“Unifying data is essential to understanding our customers’ preferences and delivering personalized experiences,” said Sharon Price John, CEO, Build-A-Bear. “With Salesforce, we are able to create a single source of truth and personalize every moment with our customers at scale, in real time.”

Feature Information

Personalize moments in real time with Customer Data Platform 

New Customer Data Platform innovations make it easy for companies to build customer relationships with real-time customer magic, making customers more loyal and marketers more productive and efficient.

  • Customer Data Platform, powered by Salesforce Genie: Now, marketers can connect real-time data across Salesforce and external data through Mulesoft, native connectors, and Salesforce AppExchange. This allows marketers to easily create smarter segments, up to 30x faster, to engage customers with the right message, at the right time across channels, using real-time data and insights, while leveraging all of Salesforce Genie’s new strategic partnerships.
  • Genie and Personalization Real-Time Integration: Fueling unified customer profiles with accurate, timely data is critical to delivering memorable, relevant experiences. With enhanced, real-time integration between Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform and Personalization, marketing teams can use Genie data and their real-time customer graph to deliver AI-driven tailored recommendations in the moment, and alter those offers as real-time data updates each customer’s unified profile.
  • Customer Data Platform Data Recipes & Transforms: New high-scale data transformation capabilities allow customers to ingest and unify data faster from anywhere within CDP using out-of-the-box, pre-built connectors to third-party data sources like AWS Redshift and Microsoft Azure. Incoming data can then be normalized or harmonized with other data sources using a drag-and-drop builder, native machine learning, and SQL-based transforms to aggregate, enrich, and process data at scale, saving countless hours of manual data preparation.
  • The New AppExchange Genie Collection features 18 Genie partners for Customer Data Platform with apps and experts that help companies automate relevant advertising, enrich customer profiles, and extend the power of real-time data with Salesforce.  
Marketers can now automate real-time customer engagement across channels with Salesforce’s Customer Data Platform and Marketing Cloud Engagement

Automate engagement across every channel

New Marketing Cloud innovations help customers save time and spend with automated engagement across email, web, mobile, and more.

  • Real-Time Journey Orchestration: This innovation enables marketers to respond immediately to user activities to increase conversion and cost-efficiency. Marketers can also now automate real-time customer engagement across every channel with Salesforce’s Customer Data Platform and Marketing Cloud Engagement to trigger relevant journeys with real-time data and expanded personalization attributes, such as location, loyalty status, interests, or previous purchases.
  • Account Engagement API Enhancements & External Actions: This allows B2B marketing and sales teams to work together to grow pipeline, drive efficiency, and reduce costs with a more flexible and scalable API that enables new integrations with Salesforce’s Customer Data Platform and external segmentation tools. Now, marketers can create and share segments with CDP, leverage a richer set of account attributes for personalization, and activate engagement across channels using Salesforce and third-party platforms.
Real Time Journey Orchestration enables marketers to respond immediately to user activities to increase conversion and cost-efficiency – like sending birthday promotions.

“Grammarly is dedicated to improving our customers’ lives by improving communication,” said Kylia Combs, Head of Brand Marketing, Grammarly. “By using Salesforce, we can more effectively target the right people with the right message, at the right time, and in the right channel.”

Optimize marketing performance with intelligent insights

  • Intelligence Database Exports: With Marketing Cloud Intelligence’s expert-built data preparation capabilities, customers can automate complex marketing and advertising data integration and export it into their data warehouse and data consumption tools of choice, such as Snowflake for data storage and Tableau for visualization. With these capabilities, companies can enhance enterprise analytics with marketing insights, customer journey analytics, and advanced media mix modeling to maximize business impact.
With Marketing Cloud Intelligence Database Exports, companies can enhance enterprise analytics with marketing insights and unlock deeper insights to maximize business impact.


  • Salesforce Genie is generally available today.
  • Customer Data Platform is generally available today.
  • AppExchange Partner Apps for Customer Data Platform are generally available today.
  • Genie Data Prep Recipes and Transforms will be generally available in Spring 2023.
  • First-party advertising with Amazon Ads will be generally available in Summer 2023.
  • Genie Real-time Journey Orchestration will be generally available in Summer 2023.
  • Genie and Personalization Real-Time Integration will be generally available in the second half of 2023.

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