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3 AppExchange Partners Offer Insights on Salesforce Genie, the Company’s New Real-Time Data Platform Powering the World’s First Real-Time CRM

Quick take: Salesforce AppExchange partners Criteo, LiveRamp, and Neustar share insight on how real-time data platforms will change the way companies create highly personalized customer experiences.

Today, Salesforce introduced Genie – a new real-time data platform that unifies customer data across all channels and interactions into a single, unified customer profile, so every experience on Salesforce can be more automated, intelligent, and real time. Salesforce also introduced the AppExchange Genie Collection with 18 new partners, which provides apps that integrate seamlessly to enrich and activate data, and experts to help companies extend the power of real-time data with Salesforce.

Why it’s relevant: Fifty-six percent of consumers expect all offers to be personalized and 62% expect companies to anticipate their needs, according to Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer report.

  • However, data silos remain a persistent challenge for 90% of organizations, according to MuleSoft’s 2022 Connectivity Benchmark Report
  • In addition, a lack of real-time data means that organizations can’t fully personalize customer experiences and anticipate their needs in the moment. 
  • This makes it difficult to extract the maximum value from their data, leading to disconnected digital experiences.

What they’re saying: AppExchange and the Salesforce Partner Ecosystem – including consulting partners such as Accenture, Deloitte Digital, PwC, and Slalom – extend the power of Salesforce Genie, providing apps and expertise to help companies unlock automated, intelligent, real-time experiences across the Customer 360. 

Here’s what three AppExchange partners shared about the promise of this exciting technology:

Q: How will Salesforce Genie solutions change the way we do business?

  • “Customer data platforms are transforming the advertising ecosystem into one that is more customer-first. By enabling a single, real-time view of the customer and centralization of customer knowledge, Salesforce Genie can deliver unparalleled consistency and effectiveness across all customer touchpoints throughout the media ecosystem,” said Travis Clinger, SVP of Activations and Addressability, LiveRamp.
  • “As a marketer, simplified customer data and real-time market stats are critical to a higher return on investment (ROI) and essential to informed data driven marketing decisions. Salesforce Genie will provide an invaluable data repository that is not only content-rich in customer data but also reflects marketing and website activity to make them actionable. Additionally, customer data platforms are generating the competitive advantage necessary to visualize the customer journey from end to end as they are reducing churn rates, enhancing lead conversion, and boosting retention,” said Ryan Engle, VP of Identity Products and Credit Informed Marketing, Neustar.
  • “By aggregating and consolidating real-time and transactional data, Salesforce Genie will allow marketers to analyze customer segments and trends to better increase repeat purchases, build loyalty, and grow the total value of each customer for their business,” said Matthew Hogg, SVP of Partnerships, Criteo.

Customer data platforms are transforming the advertising ecosystem into one that is more customer-first.

Travis Clinger, SVP of Activations and Addressability, LiveRamp

Q: Why is now the time for companies to invest in Salesforce Genie?

  • “Customer data has never been more important and with consumers living in an omnichannel world, a single platform to connect those customer profiles puts customers at the center of a brand and how they experience it. Real-time data captures a robust set of clients with the unique ability to provide information about customers and their journeys despite today’s complex data-driven market. They are helping drive the ‘work smarter, not harder’ vision, giving marketers an improved customer data journey in a singular platform. The customer benefits from better engagement and satisfaction with consistent messaging across channels,” said Engle.
  • “Privacy regulations and the eventual deprecation of signals are forcing marketers to adapt to a new way of advertising. First-party data will be necessary to reach new customers and reconnect with existing customers across the open web and connected devices and deliver highly personalized experiences,” said Hogg.
  • “Real-time data helps solve industry-wide challenges around cookie deprecation by democratizing access to first-party data and providing tools that create opportunities and new ways for unified customer engagement and timely insights,” said Clinger.

Q: What do you think is the biggest driver of customer data platform growth in your  market?

  • “Brands are looking for more sophisticated means of personalizing their ads, understanding their customers’ journey, and measuring their campaigns success in light of identity and addressability challenges posed by privacy regulations and signal deprecation,” said Hogg.
  • “Personalization is the biggest driver of customer data platform growth in North America. Consumers have mastered the ability to filter out brand messages they are not interested in, so in order to succeed, businesses must deliver personalized and relevant messages to their customers through their preferred channels,” said Clinger.
  • “Leading brands have gained a competitive advantage by bringing all of their data together to ensure unified data through a single source of truth and to deliver actionable insights in the moment. If you want your marketing efforts to achieve a meaningful impact, then you need both a complete data set you can trust and an accurate and holistic view of customer identity,” said Engle.

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