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Salesforce Partners with One Tree Planted to Grow & Conserve 500,000 Native Trees in Fire-Ravaged British Columbia

tree planting

As part of its 100 million tree goal, Salesforce will grow and conserve 500,000 trees in the wildfire-ravaged Fraser Plateau in British Columbia, helping accelerate reforestation efforts and mitigate the impacts of climate change

The partnership with One Tree Planted will also see a new tree equity initiative in 2022 that will engage youth in a Toronto-based urban reforestation project

Salesforce today announced a partnership with One Tree Planted to grow and conserve 500,000 native trees on Nazko First Nation Territory in the Fraser Plateau in British Columbia. The high-priority region is still recovering from a 2017 wildfire that burned over 540,000 hectares. The impact of this reforestation will reduce recovery time by decades, regenerating the environment and benefitting the communities that live on the land. 

Salesforce will partner with One Tree Planted on additional Canadian reforestation projects to achieve its 100 million tree goal, and accelerate — a global movement founded in partnership with the World Economic Forum, to restore, conserve, and grow one trillion trees by 2030.  

“The climate change crisis is the number one issue facing humanity today. Our partnership with One Tree Planted demonstrates how we are turning our sustainability commitment into meaningful community impact,” said Patrick Flynn, Vice President and Global Head of Sustainability, Salesforce. “At Salesforce, we believe business can be the greatest platform for change, and we are committed to serving the interests of all our stakeholders – including the environment. It is critical that every company do their part to invest in nature-based solutions, reduce emissions, and work towards becoming Net Zero. We don’t have time to waste.“

“This partnership with Salesforce is exactly what we need to catalyze large-scale and impact-driven reforestation,” said Matt Hill, Founder and President of One Tree Planted. “When we combine public and private capital, local environmental agencies and communities, and smart restoration strategies powered by best-in-class technology, we can build coalitions that result in tangible action.”

A tree planter at the Fraser Plateau reforestation site in British Columbia, Canada.

Tree equity initiative focuses on long-term climate justice 

Just ahead of COP26, the November 2021 UN climate change conference, Salesforce announced a tree equity and urban reforestation initiative in the city of Malton, Ontario in partnership with One Tree Planted. As part of the partnership, and working with four local schools, youth will learn about the historical roots of environmental justice and how trees are a solution for creating equity. They will also plant 720 large trees around the Claireville Dam Restoration Site. 

The initiative aims to address the region’s “urban heat island effect” — a result of infrastructure absorbing and re-emitting the sun’s heat to create higher temperatures than outlying natural areas. Urban forestry will help to gradually reduce the heat island effect of Malton, while also sequestering carbon, improving air quality, absorbing rainwater, and beautifying communities. 

“We are proud to apply our resources to engage local organizations and volunteers, including Salesforce employees, to make communities greener and healthier, reduce emissions, and empower others to drive climate action,” said Flynn.

Salesforce powers One Tree Planted reforestation efforts in Canada and globally

One Tree Planted has grown over 40 million trees in 43 countries since 2014. Planting is only part of the process. Equally critical is the long-term monitoring and conservation of trees to make meaningful impact and achieve ambitious environmental restoration targets.

Technology is vital in this step, helping One Tree Planted plan, implement, and monitor multiple global projects at scale. The non-profit works with Salesforce to track all of its reforestation projects in Canada and around the world with quality reporting and dynamic integration across organizational activity. 

A dashboard snapshot showing how One Tree Planted uses Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack to track its global reforestation projects. Note: Values are provided for illustration purposes only and may not represent actual amounts.

“Reforestation is often viewed through the lens of addressing climate change and achieving ambitious environmental restoration targets, however equally valuable are the technology and mechanics to actually mobilize resources and get results,” said Stephanie Clement, North American Project Manager for Canada and Northeastern USA at One Tree Planted. “It all comes full circle when we can leverage the best technology infrastructure like Salesforce to power projects of global significance — rebuilding after natural disasters and supporting the continued management of unique, biodiverse old growth forests.”

Salesforce’s nature-based solutions accelerate sustainability efforts across the globe

Salesforce is on an accelerated mission to leverage its full power to create a more sustainable and equitable future for all. While trees and other nature-based solutions are absolutely vital, businesses must do more in order to tackle climate change. 

Some key initiatives at Salesforce include:

  • Salesforce became a Net Zero company in 2021, across the full value chain and achieved 100% renewable energy for its global operations.
  • Salesforce has been on its sustainability journey for more than a decade. Executing on a comprehensive Climate Action Plan, the company is helping drive toward a 1.5 degree future by focusing on six sustainability priorities: emissions reduction, carbon removal, trillion trees & ecosystem restoration, education & mobilization, innovation, and regulation & policy. 
  • With its Net Zero Cloud, Salesforce is supercharging its efforts to help accelerate the world’s largest businesses to Net Zero, faster. Net Zero Cloud is designed to help customers track and reduce their emissions and take impactful action on climate.

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