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Salesforce Reveals Bud Light, Pepsi and Budweiser are Most Popular Social Ads of Super Bowl 53

Every year, the Super Bowl attracts dozens of big name advertisers looking to get in front of millions of viewers from all over the world. This year is no different! Last night, we saw some pretty captivating ads–from well known brands like Doritos, Google and Pepsi to ads by emerging companies, including Bumble and Expensify.

As we do every year, Salesforce analyzed what people said about the top advertisers on Twitter using Marketing Cloud’s social media marketing solution, Social Studio. For the second year in a row, we also took a look at what types of images viewers posted with Einstein Vision for Social Studio.

Our data shows that the Bud Light/Game of Thrones ad came out on top. It was a surprise to most and extremely popular because of the unique content combination of Game of Thrones and Anheuser Busch. Are we heading towards a future with more Super Bowl ad mash-ups? In looking at all of the ads, values-based commercials were a hit with help from celebrities and nostalgic throwbacks. Audi’s commitment to electric vehicles, Avocados from Mexico’s kindness to animals, Budweiser’s wind powered brewing initiative and Bumble’s empowerment message delivered hope, creativity and fun.

Super Bowl 53 Social Media MVPs

Most Mentioned Advertisers Globally (Click to Tweet)

  1. Bud Light (31,545 mentions, 73.1% positive sentiment)
  2. Pepsi (22,600 mentions, 83.2% positive sentiment)
  3. Budweiser (15,806 mentions, 88.9% positive sentiment)
  4. Doritos (13,057 mentions, 68.2% positive sentiment)
  5. Avocados from Mexico (12,557 mentions, 97.2% positive sentiment)

Here are the hashtags, keywords and images that got the most attention around these five advertisers:

United States


United States/Globally

Top 5 Hashtags:

  1. #superbowl/#sbliii
  2. #sbliii/#superbowl
  3. #halftimeshow/#halftimeshow
  4. #spongebob/#avocadosfrommexico
  5. #forthethrone/#superbowlsunday

Top 5 Words:

  1. sbliii/Commercial
  2. Commercial/Chance
  3. Pepsi/Halftime
  4. Sweepstakes/Pepsi
  5. Watch/#nfl100

Top 5 Logos:

  1. Pepsi/Pepsi
  2. NFL/NFL
  3. New England Patriots/New England Patriots
  4. Bud Light/Mercedes Benz
  5. Rams/Bud Light

Top Foods:

  1. Grits/Candy Bar
  2. Beer/Guacamole
  3. Guacamole/Coca Cola
  4. Candy Bar/Pizza
  5. Jerky/Cocktail

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