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Salesforce Winter 21 Release Preview is Here

Hundreds of products and features will be available globally by October 19, 2020 to support businesses. Here are some of the top new products and features you can preview today. For more details, check out the latest innovations at

  •’s customer apps include Queue Management to connect digital and in-person experiences safely, Broadcast Messaging to reach customers faster and more effectively, and Digital Trust Cards to reinforce customer trust and increase buyer confidence.
  • Customer 360 Audiences enables marketers to capture, unify, segment and activate all their customer data.
  • Privacy Center is a suite of tools to simplify data governance and privacy compliance.
  • Security Center enables you to meet your security goals and respond proactively to suspicious conditions.
  • Elevate offers a range of new digital fundraising capabilities help nonprofits exceed their goals.
  • Grant Management streamlines and accelerates grantmaking.
  • We’re also improving existing products to meet your needs with enhancements to High Velocity Sales, Omni Supervisor, B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience, and more!

Watch the release video below, or click here


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