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Stakeholder Capitalism

Salesforce’s Marc Benioff and Conservationist Marco Lambertini on Saving Our Oceans

“It’s up to governments, individuals and, most importantly, businesses, to lead the charge in saving our oceans before it’s too late,” write Salesforce Chairman and co-CEO and Benioff Ocean Initiative founder Marc Benioff and Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International, in an op-ed published on CNN Business today. The op-ed, titled “We’re failing the world’s oceans – Businesses can help save them” shines a light on the critical challenges facing our seas and calls for business leaders to step up and help with solutions for ocean health.

“To many people, our oceans seem far too big and too powerful to fail,” Benioff and Lambertini write. “But the same was once said of history’s most famous ‘unsinkable’ ship — the Titanic. Research from leading scientists and the UN assessments highlight the pace at which ocean ecosystems are failing, marine wildlife populations are shrinking and species are vanishing. The World Wide Fund for Nature’s Living Planet Report revealed that in a little over 40 years — less than an average single lifetime — global wildlife populations have declined by 60 percent.”

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