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Salesforce Introduces the Next Generation of Tableau, Bringing Generative AI for Data and Analytics to Everyone

  • Tableau GPT is built for the age of generative AI, giving analysts access to AI-powered analytics for smarter and faster decisions
  • Tableau Pulse will provide automated insights and personalized analytics to business users and data consumers

Editor’s Note: AI Cloud, Einstein GPT, and other cloud GPT products are now Einstein. For the latest on Salesforce Einstein, go here.

Today at Tableau Conference, Salesforce introduced the next generation of Tableau, powered by Einstein generative AI technology. With Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse, analysts and business users can automate data analysis, anticipate user needs and automatically generate actionable insights. And, new Salesforce Data Cloud for Tableau capabilities will bring customer data directly into Tableau, unifying it in a single view for fast insights. 

Significance: The generative AI revolution will transform how work gets done, making it exponentially easier for everyone to tap into immense troves of trusted data to do their jobs more efficiently. Nearly 80% of senior IT leaders believe generative AI will help their organization make better use of data — which business leaders agree is critical for decision-making. However, 41% say they can’t understand their data because it is too complex or not accessible enough, and one-third cite inability to generate insights from data as an issue for their organizations. 

Tableau GPT can generate visualizations for sales leaders based on natural language prompts that display real-time progress against their quota, along with recommendations for helping them meet goals. If average order value is decreasing, Tableau GPT can generate visuals for commerce leaders that provide insights as to why, alongside suggested solutions to resolve the problem. Or Tableau GPT can automatically create visualizations for service leaders that display changes in their teams’ CSAT scores, identify potential causes — such as a high-level of active tickets and longer response time — and offer up solutions.

What’s new: By bringing the power of generative AI to analytics, and combining it with unified, real-time data from Data Cloud, Tableau is empowering everyone to make smarter, faster, data-driven decisions.

  • Tableau GPT is a reimagining of Tableau and makes it easier for everyone to tap into generative AI to better understand and interact with their data in a trusted and secure way. Users can surface insights in a conversational way by simply asking questions within the console, which helps power smarter data experiences for analysts, consumers, admins, developers, and more.  
  • Tableau Pulse helps people make better, faster decisions with automated, personalized analytics. Driven by Tableau GPT, Pulse surfaces insights in both natural language and visual format, so users get the information they need in a digestible way. And, with tight integrations with collaboration tools like Slack and email, users can interact with and collaborate on these insights directly in their usual flow of work. 
Tableau Pulse provides timely and relevant insights to business users, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly. It is personalized, contextual, and smart in ways that analytics has never been before.

Additional innovation:  

  • VizQL Data Service is a new developer capability that allows users to embed Tableau anywhere into an automated business workflow with ease. VizQL Data Service is a layer that will sit on top of published data sources and existing models and allows developers to build composable data products with a simple programming interface, helping take the complexity out of query construction and data modeling. 
  • Data Cloud unifies all of a company’s data across channels and interactions into single, real-time customer profiles, and with Tableau, all of a company’s customer data can be visualized to help users explore and find insights more easily. Data Cloud also supports zero-copy data sharing, which means that users can virtualize Data Cloud data in other databases, making it instantly available to anyone. And now with Instant Analytics, a new capability in Data Cloud for Tableau, users can analyze and visualize any Data Cloud data live inside Tableau and query millions of records with just one click of a button.

Soundbite: “Generative AI is one of the most transformative technologies of our lifetime — it’s supercharging productivity for people and businesses everywhere,” said Ryan Aytay, President and CEO, Tableau. “Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse, together with Data Cloud, give customers a next-generation analytics experience that empowers every user to make better decisions faster with relevant data, bringing the power of data and analytics to everyone.”

Generative AI is one of the most transformative technologies of our lifetime — it’s supercharging productivity for people and businesses everywhere

Ryan Aytay, President and CEO, Tableau

More information: 

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  • Tableau GPT and Tableau Pulse will be available in pilot later this year
  • Data Cloud and VizQL updates will be available later this year

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