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Tableau’s New CEO on Bloomberg Tech: Data Is the Heart of Digital Transformation

Bloomberg Technology’s Emily Chang interviews Tableau’s President and CEO Mark Nelson.

In his first major media interview as Tableau’s President and CEO, Mark Nelson outlined his vision for the company’s future, how Tableau and Salesforce are integrating augmented analytics into the platform, and why customers can look forward to even greater innovations in this data-driven, work-from-anywhere, all-digital world.

Why it matters: Nelson takes the reins at Tableau during a critical time. Tableau and Salesforce helped lead many customers in digital and data transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic. This helped many companies stabilize during the crisis, show them how to increase digital operations, and even find new opportunities to grow their business.

What Nelson shared: 

  • “Our mission has always been to help people see and understand data. We are at a point in time that is amazing for this mission. We have so much data and the tools to look at it and see things nothing short of a new microscope or telescope…Our mission is to make sure that power is at the fingertips of everyone who wants to do it.”
  • “The combination of Salesforce and Tableau has been amazing. It is really like bringing peanut butter and chocolate together, right? …The Customer 360 side of applications Salesforce has is the most amazing business application on the planet, and with Tableau, the best tool to be able to see and understand data.”  
  • “We see the economy coming back very well. What we have seen through the pandemic is a push for a digital transformation. Companies are figuring out they have to to be agile and digital today. At the heart of every digital transformation is a data transformation — you have to see and measure and understand what you are doing as you move into the digital world and make decisions quickly.”

Watch the full broadcast here.


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