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“The Power of Salesforce, on the Go.” Product VP Dan McCall on the New Salesforce Mobile App

Since the launch of Salesforce’s first mobile app, a digital transformation has swept through our lives. From online shopping to streaming TV, the new digital experience — supercharged by technologies like voice assistants and AI — has redefined expectations for how mobile apps can connect every customer, empower every employee and enhance productivity.

Yet even as employees spend hours per day on mobile, the enterprise has fallen behind in its ability to close the experience gap on those devices — resulting in the loss of productivity for employees in every line of business.

The Salesforce Customer 360 Platform empowers any company to do a complete digital transformation for every experience. And with the launch of the new and redesigned Salesforce Mobile App, every Trailblazer can now deliver — anywhere and anytime — a game changing customer experience in sales, service or marketing powered by AI.

New features include:

  • A reimagined user interface, powered by Lightning Experience, that gives users faster access to their favorite Salesforce apps, an improved navigational experience and deep personalization options
  • Einstein Voice Assistant, empowering users on the go to verbally — and intelligently — locate relevant records, make updates, open dashboards and more
  • Einstein Analytics dashboards that empower anyone to explore data and take immediate, smart actions for sales, service and marketing without ever leaving the app

Support for features exclusive to iOS, including Siri shortcuts and Face ID, that unlock the full power and convenience of mobile

We sat down with Dan McCall, VP of Product Management at Salesforce, to learn more about the Salesforce Mobile App and why it’s a game-changer for enterprise mobility.

Q. What is the Salesforce Mobile App?

The Salesforce Mobile App, available on the App Store, brings the full power of the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform to mobile. Now employees across sales, service, marketing can collaborate on the go in a way that’s fast, conversational and smart – delivering anytime and anywhere the connected digital experience customers expect.

Q. Customers first heard of the new Salesforce Mobile App last year through the news of Salesforce’s partnership with Apple. What’s happened since then?

Since last year, we’ve run one of the largest pilot programs in the history of Salesforce: more than 1,000 customers over an entire calendar year. Because with an upgrade of this magnitude, you really want to let the features mature with customer feedback.

Q. What are some features exclusive to iOS resulting from the partnership?

At launch, Salesforce Mobile will run natively on iOS with support for Siri shortcuts for navigating to things like contacts and opportunities. Additional support for Face ID makes it easier and more secure to access the app.

We’re also happy to support Handoff so users can seamlessly navigate between devices. If a sales rep updates an account on her iPhone, that change is instantly reflected on her iMac.

Q. When a user starts Salesforce Mobile, the first thing they’ll see is the new look and feel. What else should they pay attention to?

When Salesforce launched Lightning Experience for the desktop in 2015, it was a leap forward in functionality, usability and speed for every user on the platform. Bringing the power of Lightning Experience to mobile is one of the things we’re most proud of with this release — a modern, elegant user experience, extending from desktop to mobile, that supercharges productivity with no extra training required.

For example, there are some major navigational upgrades designed to help users quickly access any app, object or other items they need. The new navigation bar added to the bottom of the Salesforce mobile app’s UI makes it easy for users to access their favorites, search and get notifications for each app. A new app launcher makes it easy for users to toggle between Sales, Service, Marketing or custom apps on mobile.

Q. And this all leads to a more tailored experience?

Customization is a key reason why our customers love Lightning Experience on desktop, and we wanted to extend that to mobile.

For instance, personalization of navigation is mirrored across desktop and mobile. A sales rep who ordered her tabs on desktop according to accounts, opportunities and leads can count on the same navigation menu to appear on her Salesforce Mobile App.

Admins can also customize Lightning record pages to fit business needs on mobile. For example, admins can add a map that shows the location of accounts for sales reps in just a few clicks just by dragging in a Lightning Web Component.

Q. Beyond the user experience, artificial intelligence is showing up in a big way. What does Einstein Voice bring to the table for Salesforce Mobile?

At Dreamforce, any customer who opts-in to the new Salesforce Mobile App can also opt-in to be part of the pilot for Einstein Voice Assistant on Mobile. The technology is complex, but the implementation couldn’t be simpler.

For example, a sales rep will be able to dictate post-meeting notes directly into the Salesforce Mobile App. Einstein Voice Assistant will automatically relate those notes to associated records – including opportunities, accounts, contacts and cases. It’ll even provide recommended updates and follow-up tasks, like when to schedule her next sales call.

Q. Einstein Analytics is another feature customers have wanted to see built into the Salesforce Mobile App. How will users be able to experience that?

Before now, users had to exit the Salesforce mobile app to interact with their data. But because Lightning is so easy to customize for specific use cases, users will now encounter analytics dashboards throughout the new Salesforce Mobile App — and interact with that data in robust ways that make every customer interaction smarter, all without leaving the app.

For example, a service agent can manipulate an Einstein Analytics dashboard within the Salesforce Mobile App to filter incoming cases by customer, issue or geographic region — empowering her to be smarter about her company’s customers with actionable insights.

Q. How can customers experience the new Salesforce Mobile App?

The new Salesforce Mobile App is now available as a free upgrade on the App Store. From there, your admin just needs to go into Setup and follow a few easy steps to turn on the new experience.


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