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Transportation Infrastructure Leader Globalvia Paves the Way to Smarter Roads with Salesforce

Openvia Mobility, Globalvia’s technology and innovation platform, will use Salesforce technology to help create one of the world’s most advanced smart road ecosystems. 

Why it’s important: With a presence spanning North America, Latin America, and Europe, Globalvia is a world leader in managing transportation infrastructure. And, with the smart highway market expected to grow from $24.8 billion USD in 2021 to $81.3 billion USD by 2028, Globalvia’s Openvia mobility solution is poised to lead the sector’s deep transformation.

Driving the news: Leveraging technology from Salesforce Customer 360, Openvia’s new digital service platform will build the capabilities required by new smart roads, supporting interactions between road infrastructure operators, users, and connected and autonomous cars.

Openvia’s existing mobility transaction services, such as tolling, will also add new digital capabilities powered by Salesforce. New capabilities will include data analysis, improved traffic awareness to highway users or directly to connected cars, and increased efficiency and sustainability of existing roadway infrastructure. 

In-depth: Openvia will tap Salesforce Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce Clouds to:

  • Develop digital capabilities to help address and market new services in smart roads.
  • Establish an omnichannel communication model to interact with users and clients across SMS, push, phone, social media, or messaging applications.
  • Improve user experiences by providing a 360-degree, real-time view of the performance of new services implemented — allowing for more accurate real-time evaluation. 
  • Deploy simple, mobile-first technologies to help road operators update and quickly collaborate in real time, from any device, anywhere.

What they’re saying: “With Openvia and Salesforce we have the best of two worlds,” said Fernando Vallejo, Innovation and Systems Director of Globalvia and Managing Director of Openvia. “An agile solution to manage sustainable mobility services on highways and the best approach to manage a long-lasting relationship with the users. In the future, this user may even be an autonomous car.”

The Salesforce perspective: “Our concept of mobility is changing drastically,” said Enrique Polo, Senior VP and Country Manager, Salesforce Spain. “The development of autonomous cars that need to be interconnected to smart road infrastructures, the surge of electric vehicles that will need timely information about recharging capabilities alongside the planned trip, and the change of habits on the side of consumers, who are now used to omnichannel interactions, create a new technology and business scenario. We are delighted to support innovative companies such as Openvia on their path to building smarter and more sustainable road systems.”

What’s next: Openvia will soon begin deploying the Salesforce-enabled solution in two highways managed by Globalvia: Ruta 27 highway (Costa Rica) and Pocahontas Parkway (Virginia, United States). Upon completion, they will serve as the first examples of smart roads with this technology.

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