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The New Normal

Building Trust with Customers with

As the world begins to reopen, customers want to feel protected and informed with safe ways to shop, bank, and dine in person. Businesses now need to manage these expectations so they won’t be caught off guard, no matter what happens. 

Today we announced a significant expansion of, including new apps to enable our customers to communicate new policies, procedures and actions to help businesses create safe in-person experiences for their customers and employees.

Q. What is is a suite of apps and resources for the new normal, helping leaders around the world support the health, wellbeing and success of their employees, customers, students and their communities. began as a platform to manage workplace safety and has since expanded to help schools make data-driven decisions on how to manage campus safely and for governments and healthcare organizations to more efficiently manage vaccine programs at scale. brings together the full power of the Salesforce Customer 360, health experts, business leaders and the Salesforce partner ecosystem to manage relationships with both customers and employees to meet the new expectations of today, plan for long term resilience and be better prepared for the future.

Q. What are the new capabilities of trusted communications apps?  

Organizations are looking not simply to survive, but thrive in this new normal. The new trusted communication apps help businesses safely manage customer interactions. With trusted communication apps, businesses can get the insights needed to help make safer decisions — like when to reopen brick and mortar locations, and have the tools to better communicate necessary information with customers like updated store hours, social distancing guidelines, or safety protocols.

Trusted Communications apps help businesses safely manage customer interactions

Q. How do these apps work?

We can all agree that keeping customers and staff safe is of the utmost importance. Queue Management allows brick-and-mortar businesses to minimize physical lines by creating virtual queues, helping protect customers while managing safe onsite capacity. With SMS notifications, customers can wait remotely for an appointment or visit to a store while knowing their place in line is secure. 

Employees have full visibility into how many customers are in the location, how long the queue is, who is in the queue, and what the average wait time is, giving them the knowledge they need to efficiently manage capacity.

Broadcast Messaging lets businesses proactively communicate with customers and employees

Broadcast Messaging allows businesses to proactively keep customers informed. Whether it’s an appointment cancellation or update, hours of operations alert or reminder to wear masks, this solution allows businesses to easily send a message through customers’ preferred channels, such as SMS, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, in just a few clicks. When a customer receives a notification and they have a follow up question, they no longer need to call or email — they can simply respond to the message and be instantly connected with a chatbot or employee to have a two-way conversation, just like they would with friends and family. 

As safety and health stay top of mind for many consumers, reinforcing customer trust during the buying experience is increasingly important to both acquiring new customers and driving purchases. Digital Trust Cards allow local store employees and managers to publish and embed safety protocols specific to that location, such as social distancing, mask policies, and cleaning guidelines into any digital property, such as a website or app. This helps businesses build customer trust and confidence that they will be safe visiting that location.

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