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Welcome Back, Futureforce! Salesforce Summer Internships Go “Flex”

Today, Salesforce is doing something it hasn’t done since 2019 — bring interns back to the office.

After two years of a fully virtual Futureforce Internship Program, we’re excited to welcome more than 1,200 interns across the globe — our biggest cohort to date — to build relationships, connect to our culture, and collaborate on projects that will leave a meaningful impact on our entire Salesforce ecosystem.

The majority of Salesforce employees work flexibly, meaning they come to the office 1-3 days per week — and our interns will be no different, allowing them to truly experience what it’s like working at Salesforce.

Our approach is all about giving teams the flexibility to work on their own terms: we empower teams — including interns — to decide how, when, and where they work with Flex Team Agreements.

Virtual programming meets in-person collaboration

Recent research found 70% of interns view remote work negatively, which is a similar sentiment we found in our own intern-led focus groups last summer. This year’s Salesforce internship program will combine the best of virtual and in-person programming.

Over the past two years, we’ve learned that we can do our core programming — like onboarding and trainings — successfully in a virtual environment. By hosting this type of content in a virtual setting, we can create greater global alignment and deliver a more equitable experience for every intern.

But a critical component of any intern experience is community and connection. It’s the “coffee chat” with a mentor, the immersive demo with the team, and the camaraderie built between fellow interns and colleagues.

With that in mind, we’ve crafted opportunities for in-person collaboration in our offices around the world this summer. All Futureforce interns will have opportunities to go into their local offices and connect in dedicated Futureforce floors and neighborhoods. For example, in our headquarters at Salesforce Tower San Francisco, we’ll dedicate Floor 11 to our interns, so they can collaborate and connect with one another. In addition to the intern spaces, the Towers will play host to regional in-person and global virtual networking events.

Creating a support system for interns

One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced when deciding to bring interns back into our offices was finding onsite support for them with their teams now in a state of… flex.

Most people who have interned remember that person who showed them where the bathroom was, how to connect your laptop to the nearest printer, and where the best lunch spots are. That support system is pivotal in setting interns up for success.

Each Futureforce intern will have a three-pronged support system: a hiring manager, a Trail Guide — which is an onboarding buddy who can get them familiar with the company and culture — and new onsite Office Delegates. The delegates will be stationed on the Futureforce floors and neighborhoods to help them with administrative questions or concerns — everything from IT questions to where they can find the coffee.

Welcoming the class of 2022

Internships are an important first step in many careers — the hands-on experience, the real-life projects and mentorship opportunities are incredibly valuable and can help set up employees for long-term success in their careers. But it’s not just the interns that gain value from these programs — companies can learn a lot from their interns, too. With their beginner’s mind, interns can help drive innovation and encourage companies to lead with their values.

We look forward to learning from our Futureforce intern class of 2022. Welcome!

Learn more about our Futureforce internship program here, and explore open opportunities today.


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