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Covid-19 Response

WSJ: How Salesforce’s CIO and Team Built and Tested to Support New Ways of Working

Today, as businesses everywhere are shifting to accommodate new working schedules and employee needs during the pandemic, The Wall Street Journal has published a feature story titled “Salesforce CIO and Team Help Write, Test Return-to-Work Software.” The story highlights how Salesforce CIO Jo-ann Olsovsky and her team drove the development of Salesforce’s to power its return to the office and help organizations everywhere follow suit. enables employers to stagger work shifts and provide staff with daily health checks before entering a building, among many other tools for safe reopening.

“Salesforce. com Inc.’s Chief Information Officer says remote work is here to stay,” the story reports. “But that hasn’t kept her and the IT team from working with the company’s product engineers to write and test new software designed to help businesses return to physical offices in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.”

“We’ve had customers coming to us asking about our own return-to-work plan,” said Ms. Olsovsky. “So we partnered with our own product teams and worked with them to write a product and stood it up inside the company.” 

Find out more about how can help digitize and automate working schedules and tasks in the new normal. The full story is here.


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