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The Future of Digital Skills

Our transition to an all-digital world makes having digital skills essential for today’s workforce, yet 76% of global workers don’t feel they have the resources needed to learn digital skills.

At Salesforce we believe that by sharing what we’ve learned from research and experts around the world, we can inspire and empower all companies on the actions they can take today to shape our workforce of tomorrow.

Salesforce Global Digital Skills Index

In-Depth Insights from 23,000 Workers

The Global Digital Skills Index reveals a growing digital skills crisis. See what 23,000+ workers across 19 countries say about digital skills, including their impact on the future of work and the significance of continuous learning.

Global Perspectives on the Digital Skills Gap

Hear from global executives and Trailblazers on the importance of digital skills, challenges for access to learning resources, and how to help bridge the digital skills gap.

man at laptop

Why Digital Skills Are Key To Our Future Workforce

It’s a digital-first world: Today’s kids learn coding before cursive. We call this expertise “digital skills,” but to the next generation, they’re simply “skills.” This article explores common questions and related research.

Latest Digital Skills Research & Insights

Get Inspired: Digital Skills Trailblazers in Action

Meet five Black leaders building successful careers, communities, and companies with Salesforce.