Spaces transforms the market for office space.
Spaces offers inspiring work environments and offices. The focus is on creativity and meeting business relations, in the belief that the business world is changing and that work can be fun and effective when it takes place within a social place that is created for this purpose. Spaces now has five offices in the Netherlands (three in Amsterdam, one in Rotterdam and one in The Hague), and is worldwide (London, Melbourne, Sydney, New York) one of the fastest growing high level service organizations in the industry and a real gamechanger.
“Salesforce allows us to focus on the business with the knowledge that everything is well organized.”
Martijn Roordink, Founder and Managing Director, Spaces
Salesforce World Tour Amsterdam

RAI Amsterdam | 14 april 2016

Are you ready to deliver a new kind of customer success? Join us for the Salesforce World Tour, Amsterdam, on April 14, and see how you can connect with your customers in a whole new way. You'll have access to world-class speakers, keynotes and breakout sessions, where you can learn, first hand, how successful companies sell, service, market, and succeed like never before. Join us for a full day of innovation and learning.

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Get your own unfair advantage.

Don't just level the playing field, reinvent the game. We’ve helped thousands of companies to shake up their industries and grow, fast. When sales, service and marketing are brought together leads increase, sales close faster, customers love your company and new ones flock to you. Salesforce gives you all you need to work smarter, faster and keep customers truly satisfied.

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