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  • 7,000+ apps: With 11 million installs and more than 117,000 customer reviews.
  • 180,000+ experts: Discover product certifications, industry specialization, and customer reviews.
  • 400+ resellers: Get more flexibility for customers in new countries. See all resellers.

For every challenge, there’s a partner ready to deliver the solution.

Partners are an elite community of certified Salesforce professionals who work with you across products, industries, and everything in between.

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See how Salesforce and our AppExchange products and partners work together to support the specialized needs of businesses like Beyond Better Foods.

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  • Develop opportunities by applying your expertise to a global audience.
  • Increase your market reach on the #1 business app marketplace.
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There are two broad categories of partners. The first are third-party app builders, who list their apps on AppExchange, our leading enterprise cloud marketplace. The second are product and industry experts (consultants) who help our customers integrate Salesforce products into their business. To learn more about Salesforce partners, read our blog.

The Salesforce Customer Success Group is a team of Salesforce employees who are experts at working with our partners to help customers launch their implementations and maximize the value of their Salesforce solutions.

It depends on your company and what your business goals are, but fundamentally, partners help you integrate Salesforce products and services into your company’s systems. In addition, our partners use their expertise to help customize Salesforce products and services to fit your unique business needs. They could, for example, help you customize Sales Cloud so it better supports your sales team’s unique way of managing leads.

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