Introducing the Einstein 1 Platform.

The bold new future of enterprise AI requires a new type of platform. One that can handle terabytes of disconnected data, gives you the freedom to choose your AI models, and connects directly into the flow of work, all while maintaining customer trust.

The Einstein 1 Platform unifies your data, AI, CRM, development, and security into a single, comprehensive platform. It empowers IT, admins, and developers with an extensible AI platform, facilitating fast development of generative apps and automation.

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Discover how the Einstein 1 Platform helps customers with speed, scalability, and IT cost-efficiency

27 %
faster process
The Einstein 1 Platform helps IT managers, admins, and devs create and automate processes 27% faster.*
AI predictions a day
Salesforce gives IT the scale needed, generating over 1 Trillion AI predictions a week.**
25 %
decrease in IT costs
Customers report a 25% decrease in IT costs after implementing Salesforce.***
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Einstein 1 Platform FAQ

An application development platform is a set of tools, frameworks, libraries, and services that developers use to build, test, deploy, and manage software applications. These platforms provide a comprehensive environment that streamlines the development process and facilitates collaboration among development teams.

An application development platform aims to simplify and accelerate the software development lifecycle, enabling developers to create robust and scalable applications efficiently.

Determining whether your business needs an application development platform involves assessing your specific requirements, goals, and the nature of the applications you want to develop. If your business needs custom applications with complex functionality, a development platform can provide tools and frameworks to streamline the development process.

Application development platforms offer various benefits that can enhance the efficiency, speed, and overall success of the software development process. Some of the benefits include: faster development time, consistency and standardization, increased collaboration and team productivity, and cost savings.

Choosing the right application development platform involves defining your business requirements, understanding your development team's skills, and considering factors like scalability, integration capabilities, and security features. If you're looking to democratize app development throughout your organization and increase efficiency and productivity, you should consider a low-code development platform with integrated data, AI, and automation built into leading Salesforce line of business applications across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and industries.

Platform Starter starts at $25/user/month. Platform Plus starts at $100/user/month. Each tier includes: custom objects, process automation, Lightning App Builder, AppExchange, identity for employees, and customizable reports and dashboards.