Configure and customize applications on top of the Einstein 1 Platform.

Developers can now build how they want and where they want, with the tools they know and prefer. Admins can now configure their organization’s processes to enable seamless workflows. Together, teams can develop faster and more efficient ways to safely build, test, and deploy work.

Explore how to configure and customize applications with Salesforce.

Streamline the development process with developer tools. By using IDEs such as Code Builder or Salesforce Exensions for VS Code, teams will see increased collaboration and effficiency. Manual tasks will be reduced and developers can focus on writing, testing, and deploying code more effectively.

App Builder allows you to create AI-powered applications with little to no coding. Business users, administrators, and developers who may not have extensive coding skills can create custom applications on their own. Teams can quickly build, iterate, and deploy applications rapidly in response to ever-changing business needs.

With Mobile Access, teams have convenient, efficient, and secure access to Salesforce functionalities on mobile devices. By being mobile-ready at all times, teams can instantly enhance productivity and foster collaboration by creating applications on the go.

Automate repetitive tasks.

Teams can leverage the power of AI to create intelligent and context-aware interactions. They can build dynamic and interactive prompts that engage with customers or create conversational Flows and incorporate CRM data to provide personalized and efficient responses. By building and using these functionalities, teams can increase productivity and focus on the tasks at hand.

Use AI to quickly generate, complete, and correct code. Einstein for Developers assists you throughout the Salesforce development process with expertise learned from anonymized code patterns. Teams will see increased productivity and be provided with helpful assistance for complex coding tasks.

Maximize ROI with the #1 Success Ecosystem.

From support, expert guidance, and resources to our partners on AppExchange, the Success Ecosystem is here to help you unlock the full power of your investment.

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