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Security Center

Security Center organizes all your permissions and controls into one dashboard. Quickly identify misconfigurations and incorrect user permissions and eliminate any gaps in your org’s security posture. Drill down further for granular details to uncover deeper insights or prove compliance with regulatory standards.

What can you do with Security Center?

Security Center gives you complete visibility into your Salesforce environment across all your business units. Organize all your permissions and controls into one dashboard to centrally view, monitor, and manage your security health. Security Center’s single view makes it easy to keep your compliance and security posture in good health by helping you enable awareness, drive insights, and empower actions.

Enable Awareness.

Consolidate user permissions to uncover which users have critical system permissions, like View All Data or Modify All Data. Quickly identify over-permissioned users and revoke access to eliminate any gaps in your org’s security posture. Easily track any changes to your key system permissions.

A page labeled "Permissions" with tabs beneath to review and modify user, data, and application permissions.

Reduce security risks by drilling down further for granular details to uncover deeper insights or prove compliance with regulatory standards. Analyze User Activity to uncover users who should have their access revoked, such as contractors or third parties. Double-click into Authentication to see how people are logging into your orgs and fix any security gaps.

User Activity and Authentication

Quickly pinpoint misconfigurations to uncover potential vulnerabilities, wherever they may be in Salesforce. Monitor your licensing usage, Security Health Check score, and which packages and connected apps are installed. Ensure your configurations never deviate from your business intent.

A page labeled "Permissions" with tabs beneath to review and modify user, data, and application permissions.
User Activity and Authentication

Drive Insights.


Set up custom alerts to quickly identify when changes to your key permissions and metrics occur. Create notifications on 60+ metrics to be proactively notified when your security posture changes. Enhance your security posture while reducing time spent on monitoring changes by staying ahead of any potential issues.

Security Policies

Empower Actions.

Security Policies.

Set up essential security configurations once and effortlessly deploy them across your connected Salesforce orgs. Define policies related to session timeouts, trusted IP ranges, password configurations, and your health check baseline. Streamline and standardize key security settings for a seamless and robust security infrastructure.

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Security Center FAQ

Security Center is a native add-on product for Salesforce, designed to streamline security management and simplify data governance across a customer's entire Salesforce rollout by making sure they have a solid understanding of their security posture. It gathers detailed metrics on configurations, authentication, user permissions and activity, compiled in intuitive dashboards within Salesforce to help customers drive insights for improvement where necessary. Security Center enables proactive alerts for security posture changes and supports the creation of security policies for consistent deployment across connected Salesforce orgs.

Information security management solutions allow organizations of all sizes to monitor data access and user activity to enhance data governance. This includes proactively identifying and preventing internal and external threats including potential data breaches, intellectual property theft, and unauthorized data access.

Salesforce Security Center is a great fit for organizations looking to introduce an added level of security and protection beyond what is built into the platform. Salesforce's Security and Privacy portfolio helps our customers prepare for evolving threats and demonstrate a proactive data strategy to, in turn, prioritize their customers' trust. This includes understanding unique compliance requirements, auditing and monitoring sensitive data to ensure it's accessible by the right people at the right time, and protecting critical information.

Salesforce Security Center helps enable organizations to meet compliance and industry regulations, protect their brand and uphold customer trust by simplifying security and data management across their entire business rollout to protect sensitive data.

To select the right data loss prevention solution for your organization, focus on your specific security needs, including any industry-specific or compliance regulations to which your business may need to adhere, as well as data classification needs and user access management strategies. Choose a trusted, scalable platform that introduces comprehensive security for your sensitive data.

Pricing varies based on each customer's individual needs. Our sales team will work with you to tailor a package that meets your requirements and price considerations, no matter your company's size or industry.